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Amber Baker

Known as the ‘Five Flags’ for the Spanish, French, British, Confederate and American governments that had previously laid claim to the area, the city of Pensacola is a unique spot. And yet, throughout all of Pensacola’s changes, its natural beauty has remained constant. Famous for its white sand beaches, warm climate and great fishing it’s a perfect place to live and build your dream home, with options for every homeowner's taste and style.

Pensacola has a population of around 50,000 people and 62 constituent neighborhoods. The three primary neighborhoods are Pensacola Beach, Downtown Pensacola, and North Pensacola. Pensacola Beach has a variety of contemporary condominiums, townhomes, and beach houses. “Residential homes here are often fun with vibrant color schemes, large windows, and sweeping porches to take in the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico,” says Hayley English, Refresh Renovation Specialist in the Pensacola area.

The city and adjoining areas are undergoing a unique revitalization, businesses, restaurants and shops are moving back into the downtown area. New residential construction brings current styles of homes, condos, and townhouses that hadn’t existed before. Older homes are being renovated, adding to the pre-existing charm and historic richness of the architecture in the community. North Pensacola was once home to sea captains who utilized the high location to build their homes in order to have a view of Pensacola Bay. Today this area consists of small Cottages, Grand Victorians, French Creole or ultramodern flair. 

Hayley English at Refresh Renovations Pensacola utilizes her diverse skills from her Hospitality background to provide a unique renovation experience, no matter the style of home. She is passionate about putting her clients first, providing open communication, and employing proper time management to deliver a successful renovation. Having lived in nearly all corners of the world, including France, Australia, South Africa, and the United States, Hayley has an appreciation for varying cultures, architecture and design which is reflected in her desire to help homeowners renovate and customize their dream homes in Pensacola.

Hayley decided to join Refresh because she saw the fragmented customer service in the industry. She witnessed the frustration of homeowners trying to accomplish a renovation on their own and the service they received from trades. Most projects ended unfinished, late, over budget and with the client in a frustrated state. Hayley came to the realization that she could be of assistance to the homeowner and provide a higher quality of customer service than what is currently being offered in the industry. 

The Refresh model ensures that Hayley provides the customer with the best quality service from start to finish. Using a network of trusted local tradespeople, and being part of an award-winning international renovation group means Hayley and her team can combine local know-how with building expertise and top of the line management systems. Knowledge of the local rules and regulations is crucial and the team at Refresh will be able to manage all necessary paperwork and obtain all required permits. Simply leave it to the professionals who know what timeframes and regulations to expect.

Refresh Renovations has completed more than 1,000 renovations worldwide, with renovation specialists across the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Using only licensed building practitioners, Refresh has the most reliable home renovation building service and a global network to back it up.

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