Cinzia Gagliardi - Illawarra

Profile picture of Cinzia Gagliardi, Illawarra Renovation Builder

Role: Renovation Specialist/Director
Region: Illawarra
Project Manager/Construction Supervisor: Matthew Green
Builder/Construction Manager: Brett McCroary
B/L number: 318366C​
Legal entity: Oliara Pty Ltd

Oliara Pty Ltd in NSW is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations


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Cinzia was born and raised in Adelaide, amongst the classic bluestone and sandstone villas typical of Victorian and Federation architecture. The youngest of a sibship of four children, she learnt how to sing and dance, and engaged in local musical theatre. As a high school student, Cinzia found herself drawn to Art, and drew houses and buildings in most of her major Art projects. At the time however, girls were discouraged from entering what was deemed a 'male orientated' field, and although she excelled in traditionally 'male topics' she was moved towards humanities in her field of study. 

Although she didn't know what she wished to do when she started university, she eventually went on to become a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. Over the ensuing 25 years, Cinzia reached the heights of her field; managing the ACT Forensic Mental Health Service, and acting as an expert in the Local, Magistrate, Supreme and Federal Circuit Courts.

She moved to Wollongong in 2006 to raised her twin daughters by the sea, and whilst running a private practice, she became the General Manager of an Australasian EAP company. Eventually, she helped set up the first private mental health hospital in Wollongong, and specialised in the treatment of trauma in military personnel, emergency services, child protection workers, and the police.

Throughout her Psychology career, Cinzia continued to engage her passion in building, architecture and renovation. She renovated four of her own properties, transforming once old fashion or dilapidated residences into modern functional homes, and a home with a French Provincial style.

In 2017, Cinzia married her husband Matthew, a carpenter and builder, and together they decided to take the plunge into transforming homes for people to enjoy. The decision to join Refresh Renovations wasn't a difficult one to make; as Cinzia saw this as a way of continuing to use her skills in helping people realise their dreams, all the while creating a finished project to behold.

When not working, Cinzia continues to enjoy performing. She sings and dances, and over the past 3 years has revelled in rockabilly dancing to keep her fitness and for pleasure. She enjoys watching her own children take on the performing world through their drama productions.


Railway Street, Corrimal NSW 2518, Australia

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