With internal access garages now standard in newer homes, garages have become an extension of the house and are often used for more than simply a parking space for the family car. If your home is insulated – or you are thinking about insulating it – adding an insulated garage door can make a measurable difference to the warmth of the garage and the home itself.

Conqueror garage doors consist of an injected insulation internal core contained within two skins. They are extremely strong and impact resistance, and require less space than a conventional garage door to operate. They also have an extremely good acoustic vale and operate very quietly.

Worth noting is the fact that the garage doors are made without the use of polystyrene. Instead, Conqueror uses polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation; a fire-inhibiting urethane product typically produced as expanding foam that sets as a rigid thermal insulation. In the event of a fire, the product will char and turn black but not burn.

Conqueror was born two years ago when Matt Sheppard and Trevor Bills, the original founder of Dominator Doors, which was sold eight years ago, looked at what was available in the marketplace. They saw an opportunity to introduce a door that met the requirements of the discerning homeowner and builder, but at a price point that was affordable and offered a lot more features at no additional cost. Thus the Conqueror door was born.

Matt acknowledges that the company is very much about the people behind the scenes who have helped build it over the past 24 months, and will run it going forward – Gary Foster, George Chen and Trevor Bills, to name the key management staff boasting a combination of nearly 100 years of garage door experience.

View the new Conqueror website for more about insulated garages.

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