Simon Kelliher - Renovation Specialist
Project description
A basement construction as part of a new build house. The large basement required internal and external tanking.
Feb 2019
Project duration
Floor size of new basement: 10 metres by 7 metres
Cost estimate
Actual cost
(GB£)£ 72,900
Project size
Floor size of new basement: 10 metres by 7 metres
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Kelliher Renovations Ltd in Cambridgeshire & West Suffolk is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

When the owners’ of this home decided to change their basement into a game room, the last thing they were expecting to find was a WW2 bomb.  

When a couple in Cambridgeshire wanted to add a dedicated space for playing snooker, they decided to excavate a basement room specifically for the purpose.

Your home is your oyster, and if you get the chance to design a house from scratch, then why not add a gaming or entertainment room to add a fun factor. “Our clients wanted a room for a full size snooker table,” says Simon Kelliher from Refresh Renovations in Cambridge. “They didn’t want to take up more of the outdoor space and they also didn’t want it to impact on the rest of the house.”

Designing a basement addition

So the decision was made to create a basement snooker room. “The idea was that it became a retreat away from the rest of the house,” Simon says. Building a basement, however, is not without its challenges as any imperfections can cause water ingress at the least, or major structural issues at the worst. Simon explains that the Refresh team used internal and external tanking and included a sump with pump in case of any water ingress.

Other issues also affected the build. While clearing the site, the team discovered a WW2 bomb that needed to be removed and detonated off site. This meant an increase in project costs. Unforeseen problems can occur at any stage of a building or renovation project, and it pays to have an experienced project manager on board who will be able to manage any issues quickly and efficiently, as soon as they arise.

With Refresh Renovations, the clients benefitted from having one point of contact who kept them in the loop at every stage of the process. The team follows a proven process that takes customers from initial consultation all the way through to the completed build. With a focus on planning, the concept and feasibility will be discussed in detail early on, followed by the preparation of working drawings and costing. Once the scope of the project as agreed, the actual building work can begin.

Budget implications are carefully considered from the start, and the project manager uses sophisticated software to keep track of progress and communicate with the homeowners. Having a contingency budget is important, to take care of unforeseen problems along the way. Simon adds: “We recommend that clients add a contingency budget of around 15 to 20 percent of the project cost to their plans. This means that most issues can comfortably be covered and homeowners don’t need to worry about a budget blowout.”

Completing the basement addition

By working with reliable tradespeople and suppliers across the region, Refresh is able to provide building work of the highest quality. The Refresh Renovations team completed the external build of the basement room in 3 months, and then the construction of the new home began.

Basements are a great way of adding additional living space, especially when your house is located on a tight urban site. A high ceiling, along with light colours and cleverly positioned lighting, can help to make a basement room feel larger and more open.

For basement extension inspiration, see: Building Underground: What could you do with a Basement Building Extension?


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