Project description
An ensuite addition and re-decorated bedroom
Dec 2019
Project duration
4 weeks
Actual cost
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Refresh helped these homeowners achieve an ensuite addition that flowed on from their existing bedroom.

WORDS Mina Phillips

When renovation specialist Newton Fraser first met with this family in Nottingham, it was clear that their home wasn’t suitable for their needs. While the bedroom was spacious, it wasn’t meeting its potential in terms of colour and functionality, and the lack of an ensuite bathroom was affecting the couple’s morning routine. In their meeting with Newton, the homeowners explained that they wanted an ensuite bathroom to flow on from their existing bedroom. They also noted that the bedroom could benefit from some re-plastering and re-decorating. 

Renovation ideas

“They wanted to have two showers so that they could both shower at the same time in the mornings before getting the kids ready for school and going to work”, explains Newton.

After hearing their needs and ideas, Newton worked with his team to put together a plan. He presented his clients with a suitable design, which he then oversaw to completion.

House renovation

Because the project required a large team to complete - a joiner, electrician, plumber, builder and painter/decorator - it was beneficial for the family to have the renovation managed for them. This allowed them to carry on with their everyday lives, while their project’s schedule and budget were carefully adhered to through detailed planning and project management. When unexpected problems came up, the homeowners could leave them to the experts and enjoy quick resolutions.

“There were a couple of mishaps with a leak and drainage but our process meant that we were able to deal with the issues with minimal impact on the customers”, notes Newton. “The issues were resolved to their satisfaction and didn't incur any additional cost to them.”

Newton’s team built the new bathroom to the design specifications - being careful to create consistency between the bedroom and ensuite. 

“We created a room in a corner and chamfered the front so that it wasn't a box that broke the flow around the room”, he explains. 

The work involved in constructing the new bathroom included building and plastering the walls as well as installing electrical wiring, plumbing and drainage. They also tiled the shower, installed sanitaryware, laid waterproof laminate flooring and, from there, decorated.

“We fully decorated the ceiling and the top of the walls down to the feature picture rail. The rest of the walls we only prepared with a mist coat and undercoat as the clients really wanted to do the topcoat themselves.”

The result

After four weeks of work, Newton presented his clients with their newly improved bedroom - with a discreet new door leading into their compact and attractive new ensuite.

“I think the favourite feature was the shape of the room”, tells Newton. “The chamfered box shape meant that the new room still made the bedroom flow naturally and didn't feel like a lot of space was lost. It sounds obvious, but the clients had spoken to other contractors who had all suggested a rectangle shape that would've disrupted the room too much. The chamfer made the room feel as open as it was before.”

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