Mark Morrison - Wellington Renovation Consultant
Project description
Ensuite addition, bedroom renovation and landscaping
Sep 2019
Project duration
15 weeks
Actual cost
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Morrison Enterprises Ltd in Wellington is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

A badly built bedroom, and the desire for an improved living environment, led these Wellington homeowners to Refresh Renovations.

WORDS Mina Phillips

A poorly built bedroom and the need for an additional bathroom led these Wellington homeowners to Refresh Renovations. Local Renovation Consultant Mark Morrison met with the family to discuss their ideas and provide a bespoke design and build solution. In their meeting, Mark’s clients discussed their wishlist - deciding on an ensuite addition, replacing the existing badly built bedroom with a new one and improving the rear of their property through hardscaping and landscaping work. 

Bathroom design ideas

“Our goals were to add an additional bathroom onto the existing house”, tells homeowner Nick. “We soon realised, when talking with Mark, that demolishing and redoing the end bedroom was the best idea.”

An experienced project manager and design engineer, Mark worked closely with the family to create a design that could be produced with their ideas and budget in mind. He also guided them through the feasibility of their project, and provided them with practical and aesthetic suggestions along the way. With an approved design in place, the demolition, rebuild and extension work began.

Bathroom renovation

The bedroom was built to flow on from the home’s hallway and out to a concrete patio through aluminium glass doors. Large windows were installed, bringing in plenty of natural light, while neutral coloured carpeting and wall paint creates a calm atmosphere. 

Leading through from the renovated bedroom, the deep blue walls of the ensuite bathroom instantly draw you in. The chic contrast between the vanity and basin - a standout feature - add a modern and earthy feel to the space. Underneath the vanity, a cabinet provides plenty of storage space. A roomy shower with built-in shelving allows for functionality and ease-of-access.

Final thoughts

We like our new addition and can’t understand why we didn’t do it earlier!

Outside, a lovely patio, made of concrete specially selected by Mark’s clients, creates the perfect summer social zone. Enveloping the hardscaped area is a newly built retaining wall with a planting plan which enhances the outdoor space.  

Overall, it’s an update that Nick and his family will be able to enjoy for years to come:

“The work was expertly done. We like our new addition and can’t understand why we didn’t do it earlier!” 


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