Andre Jeffery - Melbourne Renovation Consultant
Dec 2020
Project duration
3 weeks
Actual cost
Improving the “odd shape” and “cramped space”
Interesting aspects
The new design needed to take the sloping kitchen ceiling into consideration
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Andre Jeffery and his team helped these homeowners to “spruce up” their Melbourne kitchen before they put their house on the market.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Facing a tough property market in Melbourne's northern suburbs, these homeowners decided the best way to prepare their 1920s home for sale was to spruce up the kitchen. They met with their local Refresh Renovations Specialist Andre Jeffery to discuss their ideas.

With no intention of living in the property long term, the brief was simple: they wanted Andre and his team to deliver a fresh new kitchen that would suit the style of the home. Completing the project within their budget, of course, was also a main priority.

“The key to getting the look right was to work closely with the homeowners and present multiple designs and rendered images”, explains Andre. “The homeowners were determined to ensure the kitchen fit the era of the home, which was achieved in a number of ways.” 

During the design process, Andre’s team needed to primarily address the odd shape of the kitchen and figure out a way to improve the cramped layout. 

“The kitchen included an odd-shaped "protrusion" with a sloping ceiling, requiring a thoughtful cabinetry solution”, explains Andre. “The old island bench jutted out into the room, making the space seem smaller than it should.”

Andre worked closely with his designer and cabinetmaker to ensure as much functionality as possible was "built-in” during the kitchen makeover, including a purpose-built spot for the microwave to avoid it taking up precious bench space, along with a built-in oven and a slide-out pantry (all under a sloping ceiling!). Once all of this was cohesively drawn up within a design that suited the homeowners’ budget; the construction, installations and painting began.

Andre’s team scheduled in all of the required supply deliveries as well as contractors required for the job. Within a set schedule, the walls were painted a “Heritage Green” and classic-style cabinetry handles were installed. 

“A pale Lancelot oak benchtop married the kitchen with the wood tones throughout the home”, says Andre. “But, as with many kitchens, the floor covering became a challenge. It was not cost-effective to repair the old floorboards and it was impossible to find matching new floorboards. A shopping trip with the homeowners soon solved the problem, when they fell upon a contrasting art deco floor tile, which really anchored the style they were going for.”

Transformed in three weeks, the originally cramped and dated kitchen is now a breath of fresh air. The updated layout with new flooring, splashbacks, benchtops, storage, cabinet handles and paint have made it a spacious cooking hub that is ready to be the heart of the home for the new owners. 


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