For the last 15 years, James has been the director of several global commercial real estate companies. With that expertise, he indeed knows the economics of renovations and what it takes to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Alongside his extensive industry knowledge, James is a people person. He understands the importance of achieving customer satisfaction through being a good listener while thoroughly exploring their ideas and concerns. You can always expect an effective and efficient development experience on your projects when meeting with him. 

Utilising Refresh Renovations’ systems, James is also very enthusiastic about driving efficiency throughout the renovation process to save homeowners time and money. These are his ultimate goals for every project, and that’s a guarantee. He is always focused on delivering the best outcomes. 

“All homeowners think about renovating - some of us for years. Having been through two major renovations of my own, I understand it’s a big decision. So whether you want to renovate now or in the future, I welcome contact from you to lend my expertise and possibly assist you with this project” - James.

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