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Our Remodeling Consultants serve The Woodlands area from Grogan’s Mill and Sterling Ridge to Shenandoah and Cochran’s Crossing.

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Our Remodeling Consultants serve The Woodlands area from Grogan’s Mill and Sterling Ridge to Shenandoah and Cochran’s Crossing.
Renovations that are focused solely on getting things done as quickly as possible generally lead to budget and quality falling by the wayside. We recognized these reoccurring problems and created Refresh Renovations to change the way the world renovates, prioritizing each homeowner’s experience with our process of thorough planning and transparent communication. 
For every project, large or small, our Remodeling Consultants are a single point of contact, which limits the opportunity for miscommunication between contractors, suppliers, inspectors, and anyone else involved with your renovation. Remodeling Consultants act as project managers during the active building phase, but they’re so much more than that. From ideation to execution, your Remodeling Consultant will work hard behind the scenes on your behalf, to deliver a fantastic end result. 
In the early stages, it’s essential for your Remodeling Consultant to understand not only your goals and budget but also the reasons behind your renovation so they can facilitate a renovation that is reflective of your lifestyle. 
“Extremely effective and professional. It all went so smoothly. On the date agreed to have it all finished... it was all finished! Zero hassle, zero problems, and looks beautiful! We truly recommend Refresh Renovations, and shall it be the case we need services, we have no doubt of them again. Many thanks to the Refresh Renovations team!”  — Refresh clients Susana and Antonio
The Woodlands is known for its master-planned communities. Although these new builds have all the modern amenities you could want, two common downfalls cited by homeowners are building restrictions and lack of character. Here at Refresh, we can help with both. A kitchen, basement, or even whole home remodeling project will give your home a personality all its own. And, as far as restrictions go, your Remodeling Consultant will arrange for any necessary permits to be obtained before the build begins so you can enjoy a stress-free remodeling experience. 
Being energy conscious is another Woodlands hallmark. Whether that means recladding your property or installing solar panels, your Remodeling Consultant can advise you of any exterior remodeling projects that will increase your property’s energy efficiency.
“I worked with Refresh on a tricky situation with my roof. While it took time to work out the best way forward, we got the job done! I was very happy with the service and communication from Refresh. I can highly recommend them.” — Refresh client Jyoteeka Cummings
Beyond providing excellent project management and expert advice, our mission is to create an experience for homeowners that is positive and memorable. After all, bringing your dream home to life is an exciting journey. Whatever you need along the way, whether it’s a little inspiration or a comprehensive hands-on manager, your Remodeling Consultant will be there to make it happen.

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