Lake Oswego Complete Home Renovation & Remodeling Contractors

Our Remodeling Consultants provide exceptional service for homeowners throughout the Lake Oswego, Southeast and Southwest Portland areas.

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Complete Home Remodeling in Portland

Our Remodeling Consultants provide exceptional service for homeowners throughout the Lake Oswego, Southeast and Southwest Portland areas.

Your home should reflect your lifestyle, whether that’s simple and laidback or ultra-modern and fast-paced. And while everyone has their own individual style, when it comes to renovations, one thing remains the same: they should be stress-free and enjoyable.
At Refresh, that’s what we aim to provide. It’s our mission to deliver renovations that prioritize a positive experience for homeowners.

The Refresh Renovations Process

The Refresh approach to home improvement is centered around transparent and streamlined communication. We do this by utilizing a single point of contact. Each renovation is led by an experienced Remodeling Consultant who manages every aspect, from the early concept phases through to project delivery. Miscommunication often occurs when a homeowner is trying to coordinate multiple contractors and professionals: Remodeling Consultants bridge that gap.  

“Very happy with end product and process involved. Refresh was very professional and committed to providing a high level of customer service at all stages. As with any project, there can be small issues that need addressing and having someone monitoring the process and resolving problems was a great way to alleviate the stress involved.” Refresh client, Greg Jones

Beginning with an in-depth consultation, you’ll work closely with your Remodeling Consultant to define the scope of your project and your desired budget. They’ll arrange for working drawings and cost estimates to be provided for your approval before any building so there are no surprises down the road. After making any necessary adjustments during this phase, all that’s left to do is watch your property transform.

Refresh Renovations remodeling services in Portland include:

updated kitchen as part of a major home remodel lake oswego or
Check out this incredible home transformation in Portland

Lake Oswego Remodeling Trends

Many Lake Oswego neighborhoods have distinct architectural and residential characteristics. Single-family homes with simple designs are common in Childs; 1960s and 70s style homes in Forest Hills; mid-century ranch homes in Glenmorrie; and split-level properties with more intricate facades are abundant throughout Lakewood. Working with a Remodeling Consultant gives you access to an abundance of local knowledge and expertise, so no matter what style your property is, you can rest assured your bespoke design will be brought to life by expert craftsmen and experienced local professionals.

“As an ex-architect, I have years of experience judging contractors on their knowledge, expertise, and by-the-book approach to projects. I had the pleasure of chatting with Refresh and it was a breath of fresh air talking to someone with experience who knew their stuff. The design and construct process is a great method to visualize your ideas prior to signing a contract and starting construction. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.” Refresh client, Kaan Altinbas

In addition to Lake Oswego’s updates to residential demolition permits, there are also structural permits to consider, which apply to many remodels, decks, and additions. The permitting process alone is enough to deter many homeowners but, with Refresh, your Remodeling Consultant will take care of it all. Creating a truly stress-free renovation encompasses all aspects of home improvement and that includes liaising with local building departments. If you’re ready to create a space you’ll be truly proud of, look no further than the renovation experts at Refresh Lake Oswego.

before and after transformation of bathroom remodel
See how this main bathroom went from drab to fab!

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