Heating your home with an effective central heating system makes all the difference to the comfort of your home.

No more frozen toes or chilly draughts anywhere. You can simply kick back and relax in a warm and healthy house.

With warm water central heating your whole home can be heated exactly as you want it, no matter how cold it is outside. What’s more you’ll be able to heat your home silently and cleanly, with no noisy fans to blow draughts, dust or pollen around the house.

Whether you want to distribute the heat with luxurious warm water underfloor heating or quick-to-respond water radiators, there is a range of options that will suit any home and also provide your domestic hot water.

In terms of fuel, you can select from Central Heating New Zealand’s clean-burning gas and diesel boilers, sustainable, carbon-neutral biomass boilers for wood pallets and logs, geothermal heat pumps, and air-to-water heat pumps. All products are sourced from leading European manufacturers, including DeLonghi and Multitubo.

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