Whether you are planning to have a baby or already have young children around your home, it is important to ensure the safety of your child. Take a look at the following checklist created by Dreambaby® to evaluate how safe and child-friendly your home is:


  • Are all your cupboards and drawers secured?
  • Have household dangers such as chemicals and sharp objects been moved out of the reach of little ones?
  • Are outlet covers installed?
  • Are little fingers protected from pinches with door stoppers?
  • Are sharp edges covered with bumpers or corner cushions to protect from accidental ouchies?
  • Are latches installed inside the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry to prevent unwanted access and potential accidents?
  • Are fridges, washing machines, and other household appliances properly secured?
  • Are nightlights installed around the home?
  • Are all TV’s firmly secured to prevent them from falling?
  • Is all furniture properly secured to prevent tipping?
  • Have gates been installed around the home?
  • If there is a fireplace, is there a gate or fireplace guard installed nearby to prevent accidents?


Did you know that 45% of all annual child hospitalisations come from falls, poisonings, and contact with hot substances? If you need help making your home more secure for your children, get in touch with a local Refresh Renovations specialist.

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