Auckland Refresh Renovation Consultants enjoy some downtime

Refresh Franchise Owners Del and Jim Gleeson give us an insight into how they keep their team focused and motivated by letting loose and having fun together.

Refresh Renovation Consultants enjoy some downtime

Every three months, we gather our team in our offices and after the usual Staff Meeting reporting, we review our Business Plan.  From the 10-Year Target, to our 3-Year Picture, right down to the 1-Year Plan. How else can our team help the business grow if they don’t understand where the business is going!

And after we’ve set our Rocks (i.e. the 3 most important priorities for the upcoming quarter), it’s time to unwind at a Team Building Event before we have a few beers.

Last week, we held our first 2018 Quarterly Meeting and for this Team Building event we went to ‘Break & Escape’ on Great South Road in Ellerslie, Auckland.  After dividing the team into two groups, Jim Gleeson led his team members (Jim, Felipe Alejandro, Eric Du and Chianti Marsh) into the ‘Evil Hospital’ game while Del Gleeson led her team comprising Paul Wood, Awhina Kopu-Lowerson and Brad Gyde into a new game called ‘Vampire Cemetery’. The difficulty level of Vampire Cemetery was only 3 stars, while Evil Hospital had a difficulty level of 5 stars – so after Del’s team finished before the clock stopped, Jim and his crew had a small handicap because of the greater difficulty. Ultimately, they couldn’t finish and extra time ran out. They will argue they only used 3 of their 5 self-imposed clues, but Del and her team have dismissed this excuse as simply sour grapes.

A great opportunity to spend time with the team away from the demands of the office and jobs. And we’ve learned that we’re all very competitive, are great problem-solvers but sometimes we break the rules. Apparently Del’s team lost points because we were not supposed to simply unscrew the Clue Boxes. I say, what did they expect a bunch of builders to do!  Looking forward to the next event in June 2018.

This is just one of the ways KKG Limited lead and create a great team culture, because we want to work with great people, who will do a great job for our clients.

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