Bathroom sink options

Whether on top, in-built or freestanding - we have sink options for you in a selection of materials. Which one would you pick?

Two grey Cielo basin bowls.
ARTICLE Nicole James

The most exciting part about renovating is getting to choose the finishing furniture elements that complete the overall look of your bathroom. Whether on top, in-built or freestanding - we have sink options for you in a selection of materials. Which one would you pick?

Countertop basin

Bagno Design - Zen

Liskeard countertop basin

540mm (w) x 310mm (h) x 170mm (d)
Gold coloured countertop basin

Art deco basin

Perrin & Rowe and Hawthorn Hill

630mm basin on square front basin stand

Modled before being glazed by hand
White art deco basin on square foot basin stand with silver mixer

Cielo basin

Cielo - Italy

Shui counter top bowl in their latest colour collection finish - Brina finish
Two grey Cielo basin bowls on top of wooden benchtop

Smooth vessel basin

Bagno Design - smooth

Smooth vessel basin

500mm (w) x 380mm (h) x 130mm (d)
Square white smooth vessel sink basin

La Cieba wash basin

Bagno Design - Zen

Likeard countertop basin

450mm (w)  x 130mm (h)
La Cieba natural coloured stone with silver tapware

Black deco wash basin

Windsor - Astoria deco

Stand: 660mm (h) x 170mm (w)

Basin: 480mm (h) x 640mm (w)
One unit black deco wash basin and stand with silver mixer

When it comes to deciding if a bathtub is right for your bathroom renovation, space is always key. But shouldn’t materials and styles be key factors too? Here are some “Stylish and functional bathtub options” that take into consideration all three key factors. 

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