Bathroom vanity options

Whether you want to go for a simple look with a minimalistic feel, or you are heading towards a bold or detailed impression – we have compiled a selection of vanities to help you choose something that will create a bathroom that's right for you.

Grafite Metallizzato colour and finish vanity with glass countertop, the horizontal drawers and one vertical drawer.
ARTICLE Nicole James

Vanities give personality and flare to your bathroom – with many options available, make sure you pick one that is space-saving but also looks great.

Start round vanity

Ardeco – Italy

Grafite Metallizzato colour and finish.

Dimensions: 1750mm (h) x 560mm (h)
Grafite Metallizzato colour and finish vanity with glass countertop, the horizontal drawers and one vertical drawer.

Imola wall hung vanity

Conciso Imola

High Gloss PVC foil.

Dimensions: 1210mm (w) x 420mm (h) x 465mm (d)
White, high glossed, two drawer vanity with chrome mixer.

Retro Nouveau vanity

Bagno Design – Retro Nouveau

Retro Nouveau vanity in black oak.

Dimensions: 750mm (w) x 520mm (h)
Black Oak body vanity with white porcelain sink and silver mixer.

Sonia Songe oak vanity

Sonia – Sonia Songe

In white and moka touch oak.

Dimensions: 450mm (h) x 800mm (w) x 410mm (d)
Sonia Songe Oak Vanity with white sink and silver mixer.

Inside vanity

Ardeco – Italy

Rovere Argilla colour and finish.

Dimensions: 1700mm (h) x 500mm (w)
Dark brown, rectangular vanity with six matching rectangular drawers and chrome tapware.

Flash wall hung vanity

Henry Brooks

High Gloss PVC foil.

Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 500mm (h) x 400mm (d)
Small, square, white, high gloss vanity with green accent matching coloured rectangular hung cupboard.

For more ideas on finishing touches for your bathroom renovation read, “Bathroom mixer options”.

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