The Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Here we cover off the most common mistakes homeowners make, when moving in to a new abode.

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Buying and moving in to a new house is undoubtedly an exciting time, but it’s also a stressful one and a large life change that should not be taken lightly. When feeling inspired with your new digs it can be both overwhelming with the decision of where to start first and equally wanting to race on and get started right away. However, there are lots of mistakes homeowners make when moving in to a new abode – and here we cover off the most common, so you can be sure not to repeat them.
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Starting Renovations Right Away

When moving in to a property that requires lots of work done to it, it can be tempting to move in and start work right away but actually, as experts in the design and construction industries we’d advise against it. Living somewhere for a little while allows you to learn a home’s flow, routines and light patterns and can help you better judge what needs doing, where things should go and how things should work, as well as help you understand exactly what you want and how it will work best for you and your lifestyle. If you can, wait – the results will be worth it.

Underestimating Costs and Budgets

Property budgets are well known for frequently going over their allocated allowance – when was the last time you read an article about a construction project that ran under budget?! Homeowners tend to consider this a commercial rather than residential issue however, and so don’t factor in additional costs nor the possibility of such increases happening to them. Adding 20% of a project’s total to its allowable costs should cover off any unexpected circumstances; and if this runs your funds too tight, you should consider downsizing your project and not hurrying ahead.

Not Allocating In Additional Time Allowances

Project plans rarely go to plan, and so this should be considered from the outset when planning home improvements and renovations. In living situations, delays to refurbishments can affect living conditions and so homeowners should always make back-up plans for day-to-day routines for an extended period after they expect their renovation to be complete. 

Not Hiring A Designer

For large refurbishment or renovation projects, homeowners can expect to spend a pretty penny – but will quickly find themselves spending more than they need to if the interior isn’t properly designed. Hiring an interior designer or architect from the beginning will quickly pay for itself in terms of time and money saved compared to a project that finds itself poorly designed or ill-equipped and unfit for purpose as a result.
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Always Picking The Lowest Price

When collecting quotes for work, many homeowners opt by default for the cheapest price: understandable when they’ve no doubt just spent a lot of money on the property itself. Yet good professional help is always worth the price and so unless the lowest priced quote is from a reputable source that can definitely offer everything required, it may not be the most economical decision long-term.

Not Obtaining Professional References

And on a cost note, every contractor or worker hired for a project should be thought of in the same way you would anyone you hire to work on your home – and you should check out their background! Those working in both design and construction should always be able to provide references and examples of their work at the quote stage of negotiations in order for homeowners to verify they’re able to do an adequate job.
Hiring reputable and trustworthy contractors can be a minefield. Luckily, when Refresh takes care of every detail of your home renovation project, you needn’t worry about hiring tradespeople. Your Refresh Renovation Specialist already has teams of exceptional tradespeople to take care of your project from start to finish.  

Making Too Many Changes

It is very rare for a project plan to come back perfect and so it’s only natural that changes will be made. However, it is not uncommon for homeowners to misunderstand or underestimate the impact that changes (particularly constant or last minute ones) can have on not just the project timeline but also cost. Even a slight adjustment such as moving a switch a few inches or changing the colour of a wall can cost £1000s and add weeks on to the original agreed timeline. It is always worth communicating clearly with all involved parties about any changes and being sure that any impacts are fully understood before anything is set in stone or any work completed.

Underestimating Stress

Having work completed in your home is noisy, disruptive and can feel stressful and over-stimulating – not least when it lasts weeks in a space you’re dying to settle down in properly for the first time! Any building project taking place on a property has its own power dynamics and struggles but it is important to understand how and why things are happening, and to take time out as and when it gets a bit too much. Having somewhere quiet and relaxing to go to that isn’t fraught with building materials and contractors can be a godsend and can allow for homeowners to gain the headspace required to make better decisions with projects moving forward. 

Choosing Cheap Items Over Quality Items

Every item in the home that is touched every day should be invested in for quality and longevity – after all, your doors, hardware, taps, appliances and cupboards should be in it for the long haul. While there are plenty of small (and primarily decorative) items that can be bought cheaply, anything that will be handled often should be prioritised and not skimped on.

Spending Too Much On Technology

As we scroll through social media and see ads for home improvement technology, it can be easy to daydream all the ways in which some items may make your life better when installed in a new home. However, spending too much on technology is a common error – as within a year, you can be sure that something newer has come along to replace it, and within another year, it will need replacing itself. While there are many great things tech can and should do for homeowners, over-reliance can make things more difficult in the long run.
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Attempting a home renovation project on your own can sometimes push you into problems that are hard to resolve. Refresh Renovations can help you avoid any such situation, their team of skilled professionals come with years of experience in the field to ensure a satisfactory job from start to finish.

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