Top interior design tips for the home office

Whether you work from home or simply want a place where you can focus on your projects, a home office gives you a space you can dedicate to whatever your heart desires.

Stylish office with a black and white floating shelf

Creating a home office to call your own, gives you privacy, productivity, and the space you need to pursue both your creative and work endeavours alike.
Refresh Renovations is dedicated to helping you realise the interiors that liven up your life, and the home office is the perfect project to help you do just that. A home office is where you can hone your skills and reach potential – plus it’s so fun to create!
Follow our simple tips, and soon you’ll have an optimum home office to call your own.
Modern white home office with natural lighting

Natural light is your friend

In the home office, you want to avoid excessive glare from your computer. Try to let in as much natural light as possible, and have a soft lighting scheme option, as it will help you get lofts of work done without straining your eyes. Placing your desk near a source of natural light is a good way to keep in touch with natural cycles so you can get a good night’s rest after you put in your work hours. You should also consider apps that make your computer screen mimic the light outside – they work wonders for avoiding tired eyes!

No spare room? No problem

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a whole room to dedicate to your home office. As long as there is a solid desk and a chair, you can create exactly the same atmosphere in whatever cranny or corner of your home that you can find. The living room, nook under the stairs, bar table in the dining room or that unused hallway space, are all potential candidates.

Find the perfect colour scheme to help you focus

The right colour palette in your home office will have you in the mood to get down to business and work. We suggest orange if you want to stimulate your concentration and boost your creativity. A warm burnt orange feature wall in the office will give you all of these positive effects, yet remain subtle enough not to over- power your space. If you want your office to be a space of motivation (who doesn’t?), then we suggest a fresh and bright white canvas with purple accents in furniture, decorative pieces or on the walls. Purple is a restorative colour that both calms and reenergises. Even something as simple as lavender-hued stationary can help you feel more motivated and keep on top of your projects. 
Home office underneath stairwell

Sort your storage

While a lot of home offices these days will store work items electronically, you should figure out how much storage space you’ll require before you start planning your home office. This is especially true if you are creating your home office in a space-poor area - no one wants their area to be dominated by an ugly filing cabinet, as many of us see that enough at work, thank you very much! There are lots of modern, sleek and space-saving storage solutions in the market these days, so it pays to do your research in this area according to your needs. Floating shelves are a stylish way to help you have everything you need on hand, without compromising on floor space. The right shelves or bookcase could be the piece that lets you create that perfect study nook.

Create your own space

If you don’t have a spare room or dedicated area that you could use for a private home office, remember that you can always make your own. If there is some wide open space to work with, then you can create a wall to give you some privacy. Or perhaps you could take something away to give you the right area for your new office. Many people have a built-in wardrobe that they’re not using; get your local renovation specialist to remove it and get going on renovating the space to create your office.

Motivation is all in the details

The right interior ideas will help you keep motivated and get your work done in your home office. It could be a cork board for your big ideas, or some visual stimulus to remind you of the bigger picture. It could be a picture of your family, works by an inspiring artist, a motivational print, or a stack of your favourite books for reference.
White office wall decorated with modern art and plants

Use a local renovation specialist

Trust us – you’ll want to keep your home office above board. This is especially true if you plan to claim your utilities on tax, which you are eligible to do if you work from home. If you’re planning on doing things like removing or adding walls, you’ll need to check with your local renovation specialist about what kind of permit is required for your region.

Add a touch of you

Renovating spaces is all about expressing yourself. Your private home office doubles as your own reflection space, so feel free to add some of your personality in there with art, photos, and other interior flairs.

For inspiration and ideas for your home office or home renovation visit our Case Studies.

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