Do I need an architect for my renovation?

In the past, most homeowners would need to first seek out an architect to complete detailed drawings of who they want the end result to look. At Refresh Renovations, we believe in first assisting homeowners to develop their vision and make them aware of what is truly possible by taking buget, function and building codes into consideration. This way we can come up with a concept that is feasible as well as visually appealing.

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For all of us, our homes are our pride and joy, and there’s nothing more rewarding than a successful home improvement, whether it’s creating an open-plan living space, adding a bedroom for a new arrival or converting the loft into a games room. However you’re looking to improve your property, it’s important to visualise the end result. That said, it’s possibly even more important to achieve a balance between the design and the outlay required to achieve it.
Many homeowners believe that the starting point is to engage an architect to help with the technical drawings based on the brief they supply. At Refresh Renovations, however, we understand that the real starting point is actually the concept. We specialise in working with homeowners to develop the vision for their space and create a winning concept that marries the aesthetics with the practicalities of building regulations and the realities of materials and labour costs.
The balancing act that delivers a successful outcome needs to permeate every stage of the project, from initial concept and feasibility, through the detailed design and costing phase and finally throughout the construction. At Refresh we achieve this by ensuring that the designers, engineers, builders and sub trades are all on the same page, and checking that the project meets all necessary regulations, respects the budget and timeline, and delivers the perfect outcome for the client.

As Kelley Malcher of Surrey builders Refresh Renovations observes, the key to a successful home improvement is to remain grounded and think everything through. ‘Architects can be hugely creative and persuasive with their ideas, but at Refresh we stay rooted in reality by looking at the bigger picture,’ comments Kelley. ‘We’ve worked with a number of clients who had an idea of what they wanted to achieve but weren’t really sure where to start. When they spoke to us they realised the benefit of engaging a design and build professional to oversee the entire project, as the language of the architect is primarily about creativity, not costs. And the language of the builder is usually all about practical installation rather than design. The key thing with Refresh is that you’re working with a professional who can reconcile both sides of the equation.
‘I believe that one example of our ability to achieve harmony in balancing aesthetics and practicality is in the current trend towards using glass. An architect will happily specify a glass wall to lighten a room, but that doesn’t allow for a light switch, so the lights need to be on sensors or voice activated. Glass can also raise the temperature of a room, and we’ve heard of a situation where the architect hadn’t factored in an option for air-conditioning. This was added later, at considerable cost to the client. At Refresh we draw on our experience to take an overview of the project on behalf of the client, keeping the design in check and the budget under control.’

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