Feature wall design ideas

Decade's ago the words 'Feature Wall' struck a nerve with interior designers and homeowners alike, conjuring images of azure blue and terracotta sponge effect combinations, popular in the 80s and 90s. Fast forward to today, and feature walls have become a go-to option for adding colour and pattern to homes, in a more modern and sympathetic context.

A livingroom with green colour block wall
ARTICLE Tina Stephen

Colour blocking

A pastel blue wall with mirror and grey rug

Offsetting other prominent features in your interior with colour blocking can change the look and feel of a home. Adding bright, bold colours such as reds, oranges and yellow works well in an active part of a home such as kitchens and dining rooms, whereas choosing softer more restful colours in dusky hues for bathrooms and bedrooms creates a sense of calm and composure.

Focusing on a neutral palette throughout the home to connect the entire interior, colour blocking allows the homeowner to add colour in a small and considered way, helping create colour confidence and allowing the homeowner to experiment with colour.


A mural wall style with wooden chair
IMAGE Pixers

“All of our murals are either customised or custom designed. If you choose from our existing designs, then as part of the service your mural is customised to suit your specific space,” says Jo from Back to the wall. “This involves us asking a few questions to make sure we have correct measurements. We ask the customer to think about furniture placement and colours. When you order a mural through us, you are really commissioning a personalised piece of art for your wall.”

Textured walls & paint effects

A bedroom with orange pattern wall decoration
IMAGE Resene

Colour forecasts nod to earth toned elements and paint companies have incorporated these into paint effects to add another dimension to interiors, recreating natural materials like concrete, clay, stone and wood. Far from being faux or gaudy, these modern textures can be incorporated into any space to add tactility and interest.

Incorporating texture, pattern and colour, can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, from a small addition of blocked colour, or a full statement feature mural. The effect can be subtle and muted with a pared back colour palette and paint effects, or vibrant and bold with repetitive pattern and imagery, but ultimately it will translate into a home which feels considered and personal.

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