Fresh Home Renovation Ideas for the Season Ahead

Home remodelling ideas for Autumn/Winter!

Kitchen Renovation

The events of the last few years have shifted homeowner’s relationships with their living spaces – and the changes aren’t over yet. As summer ends and we head into autumn-winter, many consider that any planned home renovations will have to wait until next year to avoid colder weather and likely wetter weather conditions, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are still lots of renovations and redevelopments that can happen through the cooler months – and here, we present just some of the suitable options.

Home Office Creation

While more people than ever have remained working remotely as the coronavirus crisis declines, the summer months do see more people commute in to a workplace as travel is easier in lighter conditions. As the dark closes in around the working days, many of those who commute will find themselves travelling both to and from work in the office out of sunlight hours and so a home office will present a considerably more welcoming working environment. A well-designed home office can become entirely indispensable and lots of remote workers report an increase in productivity when working from a home-based space.
Don’t forget: you don’t necessarily need an entirely unused room to create a home office. Instead, clever storage spaces or cabinets can be repurposed for working. Put a Refresh Renovations Consultant to the test and see what they can create with your limited spaces!

Kitchen Updates

The prolonged pandemic lockdown periods we all experienced haven’t just had an impact on our working patterns but also our cooking and consumption behaviours. With takeaway food and visiting restaurants not an option for so long, more homeowners than ever have had to learn to prepare and cook their own meals – and this has led to an increase in demand for new kitchens. With both form and function now being a priority, storage and space are both required with some clever kitchen design. 
Refresh has worked on a variety of kitchens spanning all shapes and sizes, but also several projects including pantries for the storage of non-perishable food. With the cost of living crisis likely to continue to increase the prices of grocery items, such spaces are set to remain popular – and having one installed right before the Christmas period makes for ideal timing!

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

There remains a common misconception that garden renovations and landscaping can only be carried out in the spring and summer months during warmer weather, but this simply isn’t the case. Of course, it’s great to renovate an outdoor space right in time for summer social BBQs and garden parties but don’t forget: a well-designed garden can be used year-round!
Terraces, balconies and gardens can all be created through the autumn and winter months for immediate use; and indeed maximising its usability with weather protection and covered areas will only add to the value of the property.

Installing Soundproofing

Soundproofing is rarely considered by homeowners before they move into a new property, but once enacted, can be transformative to the quality of life experienced within. Adding soundproofing to rooms and floors allows for sound to be protected from inside and out, and separations added otherwise oversized open plan layouts helps provide further privacy. 
You don’t need to be making music or managing a recording studio to benefit from soundproofing. Home offices may need further privacy for calls and meetings, and the likes of home gyms and Peloton rooms can create a great deal of noise for others around that may be unwelcome.

Repurposing Unused/Underused Space

Almost every homeowner has a room in their house that is underused and could be converted into a space that would be more purposeful. Formal dining rooms are often in place but unused in family homes, and lofts, garages and basements frequently just become dumping grounds for random storage. Such spaces can be converted into anything that provides value for those living within the house, be it a games room, home office or extending another room such as the kitchen into it.
If a member of the home runs their own business, converting such a room into a work space for them could be not just value-adding but income-earning, too. A small salon, art studio or tuition classroom space are all fairly easy conversions that can help nurture a small business from the home.
If the room is large enough but there’s no easily identifiable room to convert it into, consider an extra bedroom with adjoining en-suite. Such spaces always add value to homes (generally speaking, the higher the number of the bedrooms, the higher the price), but can also be let out on short-term accommodation websites such as Airbnb in order to generate additional income for the household.

Bathroom Redesign

The winter months tend to be cold in the UK, and so there’s no better time to unwind in a bubble bath or take your time in a steamy shower before facing the day. Renovating your bathroom in time for Christmas means you’ll be able to take some time around that hectic time to relax in a new space and ensures you won’t be without a shower or bath for too long in colder weather.
Refresh has worked on hundreds of bathroom redesigns including spa solutions, smart storage spaces and functional fun family bathrooms to suit everyone. We’ll minimise any disruption to your home life as best we can and work to deliver the perfect room right in time for seasonal guests (or hiding from them!).
Refresh Renovations work to a full end-to-end project management method on all jobs, managing every detail to take the stress away from homeowners. Creating a team for each job entirely tailored to the property’s requirements and scope, a dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee all – and a fantastic finish, guaranteed. 

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