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Granny flats present a myriad of ways to enhance your property: a relaxing and private place for guests, somewhere elderly parents can call home while maintaining their independence, and a great opportunity to generate extra income as a rental unit. But building an additional structure or changing the purpose of an existing one on your property can be tricky and quickly become overwhelming.
At Refresh, we aim to change the way the world renovates by providing homeowners with a streamlined and professionally managed renovation process. Our team offers an exceptional experience from ideation to execution — designs, cost estimates, and arranging council consent.
“Very happy with the consultation, costing, and general processes. Very collaborative. The builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. were very helpful, had great advice and suggestions, and were problem solvers with a great can-do attitude. They were all friendly, helpful, and obviously, all got on together. Very professional team and the follow-up and fixes were great.” —  Refresh Customer, Wendy Bellamy
Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need a little inspiration to get started, we’re here to help. Our Renovation Consultations offer free, no-obligation consultations to discuss your goals and ideas for your granny flat project. To arrange a consultation, just get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Granny Flats

Does your house feel a little too small? Does it sometimes feel a little cramped? Granny Flats are great options for that extra needed space and they can be used year-round. Sneak out of the house when the sun goes down and watch your favorite TV show without all that hassle around you - how does that sound?  Contact us and we will help you with everything. Our renovation experts will make sure your granny flat renovation goes smoothly and turns out exactly as you wish - on time and within budget!
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House Extensions

Having an extra space close to the living room can be perfect for guests, relatives or children who enjoy running around, and if it isn't in constant use then a sofabed can provide flexibility in the room's use. And, if space permits, a small en-suite or wet room can offer additional privacy.
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Rentable Granny Flat

Have that extra space but don't know what to do with it? Renovating your granny flat and renting it could be the solution. Contemporary granny flats can have all the must-have living spaces such as bathrooms, laundry facilities, sleeping, eating and dining areas - just like any home.  Our renovation specialists will ensure your rentable granny flat follows all local rules and regulations, and follows the highest standards for electricity, cooling, heating and isolation. If you want to have a smooth and hassle-free granny flat project, get in touch with us today!
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Guest Rooms

Renovating your granny flat into a guest room is an excellent idea especially if you host your friends and family regularly. Give your guests a chance to stay in a relaxing, comfortable and cosy space that has been made just for them.  Our team of experts will help you with everything, make sure your new guest room is following all rules and regulations and that it will be usable year-round. Contact us now if you want to start your guest room granny flat project!
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Garage Conversions

It's very rare for family circumstances to remain the same, and if you are planning to have children the thought of moving can be both daunting and expensive. Whether it's a secluded sitting room, a peaceful space for mother and baby or a dedicated gaming room, a garage conversion can give you the extra square footage you're craving
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Sleep Outs

Planning on creating something special for your children? Turn your granny flat into a sleep out and hang out space for your kids and their friends - the only limit is your imagination!  Contact us now so that we can help you to create the space your children have always dreamed of! Our renovation specialists will make sure your granny flat becomes a safe and fun space for your loved ones.
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Garage to Granny Flat Conversion

Attached or detached; if you want to convert your garage into a granny flat, council rules can be confusing. But you don’t have to figure them out yourself. Our knowledgeable renovation team is here to manage your renovation every step of the way, and that includes obtaining the appropriate council consent for your garage conversion.
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Granny Flat for Airbnb

Interested in gaining some extra income but don’t want to become a full-time landlord? Creating a granny flat to use as an Airbnb property is a great solution. The Refresh team will come up with an inviting design that guests will love and provide you with a stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.
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Small Dwellings

You may have heard them called ancillary dwellings or minor dwellings too, but to be considered a small dwelling the structure must have a kitchen and be designed for residential use. If you’re building a small dwelling, the Refresh team can guide you through the entire process from ideation to execution, including arranging any necessary council consent.
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Building a Granny Flat

Though granny flats must be 65m2 or less (60m2 on some sites) they have all the components of a full sized house. That means it takes just as many tradies and suppliers, only in a smaller space! That may sound like a circus to coordinate, but with our skilled team as ringmaster, your renovation will be a breeze.
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