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Calming and restorative, green is the colour of peace, balance and harmony. It is intrinsically linked to our vision of nature and a key colour in biophilic design. Calming and restorative, green is the colour of peace, balance and harmony. It is intrinsically linked to our vision of nature and a key colour in biophilic design.

Calming and restorative, green is the colour of peace, and tiles!

Whilst 2022 is proving to be the year of the coloured tile, with a diverse and exciting array of colours being sought, one colour is proving to be more popular than the rest at The Tile Depot: green. From the soft and soothing sage and sea spray tones to the dark and dramatic bottle greens, green tiles are proving particularly popular in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

In all areas, green tiles are most commonly used on the walls. Green flooring tends to be less common, but is being increasingly sought, particularly in the sage and olive tones and smaller format tiles. These often then flow up onto walls and are used in contrast with larger more neutral tile designs. 100x100mm hand-made effect tiles, hexagonal formats and 200x200mm ornate patterned tiles are the most popular green floor tiles, predominantly used in bathrooms and laundries. However as we look towards 2023 we are expecting to see an explosion in demand for large format green marble-effect porcelain used floor to ceiling in bathrooms, a look which may extend to other areas of the home. These may be paired with green subway tiles and other small format tiles, which is a strong look coming out of Italy at present.

Green tiles in kitchens are often limited to walls and often sought in quite bold tones or eye-catching ornate designs. Kitchen splashbacks have really become an important design focus, where homeowners can really express their personality and set the tone for the rest of the homes interior. Subway tiles in high gloss finishes remain very popular in all areas, as well as a noticeable demand for natural green marble mosaics in kit-kat or penny round form, particularly in bathrooms.
When it comes to bathrooms green tiles are really being embraced, often used as a feature wall element. Rarely are they used throughout the entire space but instead are used to create an impact wall, niche, shower or tiled bath surround. The advent of a diverse array of tile designs, from ornate wall-paper effect decorative pieces, to 3-dimensional textures and geometric formats, are all being embraced in greens. The more botanically inspired, often the more sought after.

The colour of nature, green pairs intrinsically with natural materials such as wood, marble and stone. As such green wall tiles in all their formats are often used in conjunction with neutral porcelain designs that replicate the stones, marbles and timbers found in nature. The result is the creation of tranquil and relaxing spa-like interiors for our homes.

In 2017 green really exploded into our interiors through a huge increase in the use of pot plants and soft furnishing’s, but demand for it in tiles was relatively low. 5 years later green is our most popular tile colour (excluding neutrals such as white, black and grey) and is a popular colourway in almost all of The Tile Depot tile collections. As our lives become increasingly fast-paced and stressful, the need to create calm and harmonious spaces in our home interiors will continue to rise and with it the biophilic trend and the use of green. The demand for green tiles is here to stay.

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