Hometech gives us 3 ways FAKRO folding attic stairs can improve attic storage

Do you have an attic that is difficult to access? Hometech has a simple solution for those who want to maximise space and safety, along with hassle-free installation.

Folding attic stairs NZ

FAKRO’s folding attic stairs are perfect for any home - they come in wooden and aluminium models, and both types of stairs offer plenty of functionality. Let’s look at three other specific ways in which FAKRO folding attic stairs can help improve your attic storage and provide a solution to the most common storage problems that homeowners experience.

Save space in the room below!

Firstly, since FAKRO’s attic stairs fold up into the space above, they obviously save you a tonne of space in the room below your attic entrance, which would otherwise be taken up by a fixed ladder or stairs. Whichever room is below – in most cases a garage – you’ll notice an immediate boost in available space. You can take this opportunity to better organise the garage or keep it clear thanks to your accessible attic storage space.

Easy to install and use

FAKRO stairs are easily installed through a simple process. This helps avoid time-consuming installation when trying to adjust the height of your ladder and make sure that it’s a perfect fit! Once your stairs are successfully installed, there’s a simple opening rod which you will use to both open and close your attic stairs and, with the three-year warranty our attic stairs come with, you can be sure they’ll be easy to operate for years to come!
A one-off installation process will be followed by years of easy use, which we’ve discovered is revolutionary when it comes to opening up your attic storage – beforehand, your only options were to have a nearby ladder that you’d need to set up in the right place every time, or to invest in expensive renovations to set up an actual set of fixed stairs!

Attic stairs that insulate and blend in

Another benefit of investing in FAKRO folding stairs is that when they shut, they perfectly seal, offering increased protection to the insulation and integrity of your attic space. The 36mm thick insulated hatch door, with a high-quality MDF panel on each side, will help keep your home warm and dry, protecting you from cold air in your attic.
Our attic stairs can also blend perfectly into the ceiling - it’s easy to match your ceiling colour by simply painting the hatch door. Their unobtrusive design and simple pull lever also means you won’t feel your attic stairs encroaching on your space when you need to use the room beneath for other purposes while the stairs are closed.

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