How Can You Improve Your Home Through Renovations?

Whether you've just bought a new home or want to renovate an existing one, here are some of the best renovation ways to make it COVID-compliant.

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The global pandemic (COVID-19) has changed the aesthetics and design of our living spaces in multiple ways. Now we spend more time than ever inside our houses. It has made us realize that we need to reassess safety and renovate our houses accordingly in this new era of social distancing. From a full kitchen remodelling to a simple, fresh paint coat, there are multiple ways you can get your house renovated. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or want to renovate an existing one, here are some of the best renovation ways to make it COVID-compliant.

Home Office

The number of people working from home is increasing dramatically. Whether you like it or not, working remotely is most probably going to stay. If you are also one of those people who need to work from home, then consider renovating your house to design and build a home office. You can renovate an existing area of your home and convert it into a peaceful office that keeps you from all distractions. 

Energy Efficiency

Many people who used to spend most time out of their homes for work are now experiencing increased utility bills. From watching Netflix and cooking more than ever to working from home, everything adds up when it comes to gas, water, and electricity usage. Energy-efficient appliances come with a range of benefits. For example, they can reduce the environmental impact of your home and also help you save a lot of money in the long run. Here is how you can make your home energy efficient with renovation.

Use energy-efficient appliances

  • Install solar panels
  • Improve insulation
  • Replace old windows 
  • Use smart thermostats A person looking at the data on their smart metre According to Shaun from SD Plumbing & Heating “There are more and more people not only asking for the best heating but the most efficient heating. We have noticed smart controls are becoming standard with the developers we work with because it’s a selling point.” A refurbished kitchen with large island ## Kitchen Renovation If the kitchen of your house isn't easy to clean, then consider getting it renovated as soon as possible. It’s more important than ever to understand the danger of viruses and other harmful germs because they can spread through food. That’s why hygiene and cleanliness in your new home’s kitchen are very critical. Kitchen renovation services allow you to remodel your kitchen according to the theme and style you’re following across your home.  A kitchen with linoleum or white tiles reminiscent of hospitals is advisable. It’s an important home design feature that can reduce the risk of potential diseases. You can also opt for kitchen renovation services to convert any type of kitchen into something that’s easy to clean. A lady working in a creative space or hobby room or home office ## Creative Space  If your home doesn't have a dedicated creative space, then you might be missing out on following your hobbies and passion. Consider extending your house and getting it renovated to have a creative space. You can easily do it if your house has some underutilized space. All you need to do is to contact Refresh Renovations to discuss how it can be transformed into something that’ll suit you the best. You might not be able to join your dance club, music studio, photo studio, or even a karate dojo soon, but you must not give up on your passion or hobby. ## Bathroom Upgrades Upgrading your bathroom is one of the most important steps to make your home COVID-compliant. Not only will it allow you to keep yourself and your family safe, but it'll also improve the value of your house. You can get your house’s bathrooms renovated in multiple ways, including:
  • Installing new toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, and so on.
  • Adding additional storage space for toiletries
  • Reflooring, retiling, and painting
  • Upgrading lighting
  • Putting in a mirror or vanity If your home only has one bathroom, then you must add another one, especially for guests. Moreover, the use of toiletries, wipes, toilet papers, and hand sanitisers has increased dramatically, and people are also buying these cleaning supplies in bulk. That's why it's important to add additional storage for cleaning supplies. You might already be facing the same challenge. Consider getting your bathrooms renovated to improve both comfort and safety. ## Outdoor Renovation Spending time in the fresh air and getting the required dosage of Vitamin D isn’t only beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental health. Unfortunately, many people are now restricted to their homes and can’t go outside for a morning walk or workout. But you can always get your outdoor space renovated according to your needs.  If you want to turn it into a private area where you will spend your time with your family, then you can add some awnings and shelters. Moreover, you can also add a swimming pool for your kids and create jogging on your lawn. There’s nothing to worry about if you have a small apartment because you can renovate its balcony and turn it into a perfect spot to get fresh air. It’ll allow you to spend quality time with your family without having to go out. ## House Extension As mentioned, many people now need a dedicated space in their houses to work from home. If your house doesn’t have any space that you can turn into an office, then consider extending your house. If it's possible, then you can convert the basement into a peaceful office or add a second story for your kid's play area. Make sure that you utilize each area effectively. The possibilities to extend your house are endless, and all you need to do is to contact a house extension company. It will help you design the best solution that will keep you safe from the virus and allows you to be most productive as well. ## Final Words There’s a considerable difference between your “needs” and “wants” when it comes to getting your house renovated. Therefore, it’s important to create a list of each and prioritize your needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every area of our daily life as well as most industries, including real estate. We hope this guide will help you to remodel your home that not only meets all your needs but also keeps you safe. ## Get in touch! To find out how we can help you with any home improvement or renovation project, get in touch today for a no obligation chat with one of our renovation specialists.

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