Kitchen pantry storage options

Modern kitchen designs encompass colours, surfaces and textures as well as functional space and design. When creating your dream kitchen, a great starting point is kitchen functionality.

Hefele kitchen base cabinets
ARTICLE Nick Carajannis from Hafele

Hafele is an international hardware, fitting systems and electronic access control systems company. Nick Carajannis guides us through some of Hafele’s best kitchen storage products.
Modern kitchen designs encompass colours, surfaces and textures as well as functional space and design. When creating your dream kitchen a great starting point is kitchen functionality. There is no point sitting in a Ferrari if it has an empty fuel tank, and it’s the same concept with a kitchen – there is no point looking at a nice benchtop and fancy cupboard doors if there is no functionality inside!   

Base Cabinets

The change from the traditional hinged doors has evolved to pull-outs for ease of visibility and access. Today’s kitchens are all about products coming to you rather than you going to them. Pull-outs maximise unused space so if you have some wasted space next to your oven, fifteen centimetres is all you need to store a neat pull-out that can house baking trays, cooking oils, herbs, spices, cleaning products etc.
Hefele Pull and tilt kitchen cabinet

Tall Cabinets

The combination of a fridge and Convoy pantry unit is the ideal central storage solution for a modern kitchen.
Recent research has shown that the most ergonomic space for a pantry is alongside your fridge. When you unpack your shopping, you can stand in one place and put cold food into the fridge and dry food into the Convoy. The Convoy is one of the most sophisticated storage units for groceries on the market, and makes the best use of a very small footprint.
Hefele Pull Out Pantry Cupboard

Blind Corner Cabinets

To avoid climbing into cupboards to find that dish, consider the Magic Corner. Pull once and both the front pull out and rear move forward into easy reach all in one silent flowing motion. The LeMans Corner unit is another alternative. Hidden behind a hinged door, each shelf can be swung separately right out of the unit, giving complete visibility. 

Corner Cabinets

The Revo 90 is a carousel system with a difference. The doors fold inside the corner unit and the trays rotate, with their movement tightly controlled in every phase by the intelligent control mechanism. There is ample storage for large, infrequently used crockery.

How to find the right cabinets for your home?

Talk with a Refresh Renovation specialist on designing your dream kitchen with the right cabinets. Remember - the smoother the hardware the more enjoyable the experience.

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