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Refresh Renovations have all the knowledge and skills to manage loft projects - whether you want to build or convert one.

Research shows that around 50,000 New Zealand families move homes each year because they wish to live in a larger home; however 80% of these people would have preferred to stay in their own home if they could have affordably increased its size.Refresh can help you increase the size of your existing home for a surprisingly low investment.
Renovations are complex projects that need good upfront planning and close supervision during construction. Good project management means that your renovation can be an enjoyable experience rather than the nightmare many self-managed projects turn into.
Designing and building are often separated but the best results happen when they are considered together. Refresh is able to bring a designer into the project at an early stage when decisions are being made that drive a lot of the project scope and cost. Designers and builders bring different perspectives to the conversation. The designer will be able to paint the picture of the look and feel while the builder will be able to discuss the practicalities of various options. Getting a designer involved early helps with making critical trade off decisions and will contribute to a more successful outcome.Take a look at some of the ways Refresh can support you with your loft project.

Loft Conversions

Refresh Renovations have all the knowledge and skills to manage loft projects - whether you want to build or convert one. Our renovation specialists are here to help you so that your loft project goes as smoothly as possible.
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Loft to Home Office Conversions

Convert your loft into a stylish and inspirational home office space! The options are endless and with our help, only the sky is the limit. Our renovation specialists will talk you through different ideas – we will make sure we cover everything on your list: lighting, colours, storage, floor plans - you name it!
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Loft to Bedroom Conversions

Expand upwards, convert or build a loft, and give your beloved guests or family members a place where they can relax and rest.. Or take over the new fancy bedroom yourself!
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Loft to Storage Conversions

Store everything, including important papers, linen, sports gear, and all other household items, neatly behind closed doors with the help of our renovation specialists. Our experts will ensure your new storage area has everything your family needs and a little more, how great is that?
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Loft to Nursery and Playroom Conversions

Our renovation specialists can help you design and convert a safe, comfortable, good looking and practical room for your children - get in touch with us now!
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Living Space Conversions

Do you need more living space? Our renovation specialists will carefully listen to your needs and wishes and convert your loft with an outcome that will blow your mind.
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