Modern Bathroom Renovations

Minimalist, seamless, streamlined - these words might sound familiar if you’ve been searching for modern bathroom inspiration. But a well-designed bathroom goes beyond aesthetics. There’s a lot of planning involved!

Minimalist, seamless, streamlined - these words might sound familiar if you’ve been searching for modern bathroom inspiration. But a well-designed bathroom goes beyond aesthetics. There’s a lot of planning involved! 
At Refresh, we’ve delivered thousands of successful renovations to homeowners across Australia and we want to share some of our expertise with you. If you’re considering a modern bathroom renovation, read on to learn more about the process, what to expect, and how to achieve the best results possible. 

What to consider during a modern bathroom renovation


Dreaming up the best bathroom designs and exploring the latest trends in bathrooms are certainly a fun part of renovating, but to manage your expectations, it’s wise to determine how much you’re comfortable to spend on your bathroom makeover.
Once you have an estimate, even just a ballpark figure, you can start thinking about aspects like materials, amenities, and bathroom styling. Having a budget from the start also helps to define your priorities and decide on where to splurge and where to compromise. 

Layout and size

Bathroom architecture isn’t the only thing affected by the layout of the space; integral design features hinge on it as well. For example, an L-shaped bathroom layout may need bespoke lighting solutions if the natural light is limited, whereas a singular window could easily be sufficient in a square layout. 
As for size, small bathroom ideas might focus more on clever functionality and smart design choices such as pocket doors, glass showers, and carefully selected materials that will consider how the space is used and its appearance. In larger spaces, however, you have more freedom to select feature items like a prominent soaker tub or spacious double vanity. But with the right team, a beautiful bathroom is achievable at any size. 

Cost of a modern bathroom renovation in 2023

The cost of a renovation can’t be known without an acutely defined project scope. However, we’ve delivered enough modern bathroom renovations to give you a general idea. Homeowners in Australia can expect to spend anywhere from $15,000* to $75,000+* for a professionally designed, managed, and executed bathroom renovation, with outliers on each end of the spectrum. This bathroom remodelling project saw the Refresh team in Melbourne give two bathrooms a stunning makeover for just under $70,000*.
Before each renovation, our team works with homeowners to establish a clear plan which includes a fixed quote and estimated timeline. But if you want to learn more about general bathroom renovation costs, check out this article where we discuss basic, mid-range, and high-end bathrooms and what to expect in each tier. 

Tips for a modern bathroom renovation in Australia

Pay attention to the details

When it comes to modern design, simplicity reigns supreme. If you want to remain authentic to the style, skip the ornate drawer pulls and embellishments.

Stay neutral 

Bold colours are trending, but use them sparingly or simply opt for a muted version. While they’re not technically neutral, earth tones are the perfect way to toe the line between trendy and timeless. 

Stick to the budget

Modern doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many modern design principles can easily be executed cost-effectively - just take a look at this modern ensuite makeover that was completed for under $20,000*.

Modern bathroom design ideas

Bathrooms have always been a necessary facility in the home but now, the latest bathroom designs are shifting to focus on comfort. Since that can look different for everyone - to some, comfort may be taking a soak after a long day, to others it may be built-in shower seating - current bathroom designs are highly personal.   
Here in Australia, Aussies are loving vertical tiling, bold colours, and a mix of curved and straight lines in their bathrooms, the latter of which you can see here in this beautiful Melbourne bathroom remodel.  
If you’re interested in a more traditional approach to modern bathroom styles, consider elevating a timeless classic, such as subway tiles, by opting for a modern colour palette; subtle earth tones are very popular and lend themselves to a variety of interior styles.  

Planning a modern bathroom renovation with Refresh

From ideation to execution, a Refresh Renovation Consultant will guide you through the process offering their expertise and robust support at every stage. And, they have their own teams, so you won’t have to worry about researching who to hire. You will, however, only be in touch with your Renovation Consultant; so while you have access to an excellent extended team of qualified contractors and bathroom specialists, we believe having a single point of contact limits opportunities for miscommunications. 
Before active building gets underway, you’ll engage in a thorough planning process which includes transparent conversations about pricing, expectations, and timelines. Each of the five steps in our process - consultation, concepting, costing, construction, delivery - has been designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and are well-informed along the way. 
Your Renovation Consultant can offer you expert insights into bathroom trends, give you bathroom remodel ideas, and show you examples of some of their best bathroom renovations. But if you want to undertake a bit of your own research beforehand, check out our ultimate guide to bathroom renovations

Need help bringing your modern bathroom vision to life?

We’d be happy to help. Our team offers free consultations to get started. Simply get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant to arrange your meeting. 
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change - GST is not included unless otherwise stated. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh™ Renovations Consultant.

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