No Job Too Small - Garage Tub in Napier

Focusing on projects of all sizes, Refresh Renovations Napier carried out this simple garage sink and door handle installation.

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With renovation projects often running into tens of thousands of dollars, a Refresh renovation specialist says it’s perhaps not surprising that potential clients often think they handle only large projects. He says there’s also a perception that the construction boom means tradesmen to carry out small jobs are just not available.
But that’s certainly not the case, as a recent Napier job shows. The renovation specialist just completed a project that came in under $1,500 dollars and took only a few hours. “No challenges,” he says. “In and out and a very happy client.” So happy in fact she treated the team to home-baked cake and cookies.
The Napier renovation specialist met the homeowner, who’s also a keen gardener, at the Hawke’s Bay Home & Garden Show, where she explained she would like a sink installed in her garage to make mixing fertilisers, and cleaning up after working in the garden, easier. “She was concerned that the job was too small to interest us, but Kim explained we tackle jobs of all sizes and would be happy to see what we could do,” says the renovation specialist.
And so the homeowner filled in an enquiry form and from there the process went like clockwork. “Kim followed my enquiry up by coming to see me to have a chat and he followed that up with a written quote.”  
The solution is a smart-looking 560mm Robinhood Supertub with standard-sized tub, single lever mix tap, and handy storage cabinet, from Hastings Mitre 10 Mega. Access to water was gained by drilling through the wall to the laundry on the other side - a simple job for the plumber and one that meant there was no need to remove any of the Gib linings.
And, as can often happen, one thing led to another and the scope of the project grew - but just a little. While Kim was with his client, he noticed she found the ‘round’ handle on a particular door difficult to manage and suggested changing it for something easier to use. Replacing the round knob with a lever style handle was quickly done and has made a huge difference to the homeowner.
“Kim did a wonderful job for me,” she says. So would she recommend Refresh to her circle of friends? “Oh yes, certainly.”
The renovation specialists client is perhaps typical of many older Kiwis living on their own. They can feel insecure when it comes to hiring tradesman and having ‘strangers’ enter their homes, and they’re often concerned about the integrity of the trades-people involved. With its robust step-by-step system, strong market presence and history of reliability, Refresh Renovations offer clients the assurance they look for; as an added bonus, Refresh specialists are local people using local tradesmen – maybe even people you already know.

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