No one loves a steamy bathroom

Refresh Renovations partners; Hometech offer a solution to steamy bathrooms.

Depending on what is lurking behind the gib in your bathroom; your renovation could cost between $20,000-$30,000. That’s a lot of money and time invested to then spoil the whole effect and long-term comfort by skimping on a decent extract fan. 
Often with renovations it is the obvious visual items, like showers, toilets and vanities that we spend our money on, and try and cut costs on the ‘unsexy’ items we won’t actually see when its finished.
However, this can end up costing you more in the long run. If you install an extract fan that just meets building code standards, you may start damaging your newly renovated bathroom with excess moisture the first time you have a shower.

The New Zealand Building Code, G4/AS1 now states a minimum of 25 litres of air needs to be extracted per second. Though if you have ever been in a bathroom with a fan that only runs at this level – you’ll be left wiping the mirror and start to see evidence of mould and mildew ruining your beautiful new bathroom before long.
By installing a fan from the VS Extract range of systems from Hometech you can be rest assured that your bathroom will be a pleasant, drier place as their fans by far exceed the Building Code – almost double in most models.
You will also have the added benefit of a whisper quiet fan as the motor is installed up at your roof height, as opposed to other systems where the fan sits right above the ceiling, allowing you to enjoy your soak in the bath tub in peace.
For more information on Extract ventilation for wet areas, Solatube daylighting systems, kitchen ventilation, whole house ventilation systems, and home storage solutions visit Hometech's Website

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