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Renovation projects are notorious for taking longer than originally planned, and are known to frequently go over-budget. Refresh Renovations has formulated processes and software that minimises if not completely eliminating these recurring problems in the industry. Find out more about how Refresh is revolutionising renovations.

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Speak to any friend or family member about their home renovation or extension project and there’s a good chance that two things will dominate the conversation: the budget and the timescales. Unless such projects are carefully planned, it’s highly likely that the former will have risen unexpectedly and that the latter will have extended without good reason. Let’s face it, while builders might be excellent at digging foundations, laying bricks and putting up plasterboard, budgeting and scheduling are not necessarily their strong suits.

At Refresh Renovations we’ve taken a completely new look at these two crucial aspects of any building project, and that analysis has led us to develop Refresh Control. Refresh Control is a cutting-edge cloud-based system which allows our team to manage every single aspect of any project from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Since Refresh launched in New Zealand in 2010, it’s been our passion to equip our team with the very best resources to deliver the ultimate in efficiency and client satisfaction. And from a client’s perspective there’s the reassurance that all aspects of the project are being monitored and updated within Refresh Control, meaning that nothing flies under the radar and gets overlooked.
Within the system, the Refresh team can set budgets and timescales, upload documentation, images and videos, assign tasks and oversee activity to ensure that everything remains on track, regardless of what stage the project has reached. Ultimately, it’s designed to keep everyone in the loop, all the way along.

Using intuitive management intelligence, Refresh Control allocates activities into one of the five stages of the Refresh design and build process, based on status:


The stage where we take the time to understand exactly what you’re aiming to achieve.

Concept and feasibility

The stage where we translate your vision into an architectural concept, backed up by an outline costing.

Working drawings and costing

The stage where we crystallise the concept into architectural drawings and produce detailed project costings.


The stage where the project begins to take shape, with all the trades coming together on time and within budget.

Your finished home

The stage where your dream becomes reality.
As Simon Kelliher of Cambridge Builders Refresh Renovations confirms, Refresh Control is an ideal tool both for the project manager and the end client. ‘In my experience, many building companies fall down when it comes to budgeting and scheduling,’ says Simon. ‘The great thing about Refresh Control is that it gives me the back-up that I need to deliver a successful home renovation or extension, time after time. As a project manager, I love the fact that it takes me through every stage of the project pipeline, right from a client’s first enquiry to the final finished outcome.
‘From a client’s perspective, there is the ability to log in to review the budget and schedule, take a look at images and videos showing the progress on site, double-check the architectural drawings and drill down to the fine details of the fixtures and fittings, should they wish to do so. In essence it’s a dynamic tool that ensures that the project remains on track in every aspect and offers the client transparency in terms of where we are at any stage. And the beauty of it being on the cloud is that it’s available to access anywhere from the beach to the boardroom.’

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