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Remodeling your small bathroom is a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. When dealing with a tight space though, functionality should be top of mind. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style!

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Remodeling your small bathroom is a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. When dealing with a tight space though, functionality should be top of mind. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style! 

Keep reading to learn how to approach a small bathroom remodel, including tips to maximize space and advice on keeping costs low. See how the 5-step Refresh process makes renovating easy - we have renovated hundreds of bathrooms across the country and our expert knowledge will help you create a space that you’ll be proud of.

Clarify your goals

The first step to a successful small bathroom renovation is to assess and prioritize your needs for the space, since this will influence where you invest time and money. When you choose to work with Refresh, the first step of the process is a meeting with your Remodelling Consultant to go over these goals. Start by asking yourself:

Who will use this bathroom the most? 

Start with the big picture. Is this your own master bathroom? If so, how might it better accommodate your routines? Remodeling your master bathroom usually involves opening up the space by moving walls and doors, replacing fixtures, and rewiring your lighting, all of which are costly endeavors. If this is a child’s bathroom, the primary focus is functionality, meaning lower end products that prioritize practicality over luxury. 

What do you like and dislike about the current bathroom?

Get clear on your preferences and assess what’s missing. For instance, your bathroom might be too dark. This is where you might consider adding a skylight or play with lighting fixtures. Or, you dislike the style and want to modernize the space with more glass and clean, bright tiles. Then, start to outsource inspiration by browsing online or in magazines for ideas. Take note of elements these inspirational bathrooms have in common (a prefab marble countertop, eye-catching light fixtures, or small tile mosaics). Does your vision favor more contemporary or traditional style fixtures? Once you have an understanding of the function and feel you want to achieve with your small bathroom remodel, it’s time to consider the cost.

What does your budget look like?

A small bathroom remodel can range in price from as little as $1,100 to as much as $17,000. Start building a budget by breaking down costs for labor, materials, and any permits you might need. Labor can range in price depending on the plumbing and electrical work needed for your space (prices range from $180 to $650 per hour for these services). There are lots of tools needed to remodel a bathroom, which can make it a tough endeavor to DIY - making sure you have quality labor is essential. The cost of materials can vary depending on if you choose low-end or standard fixtures versus high-end pieces. The good news is that it is possible to make your small bathroom feel luxe without breaking the bank (more on that below)! And finally, not all remodels require permits, but If you’re doing a small condo bathroom remodel, there might be more HOA regulations that you’ll need to be aware of. 

During your first Refresh consultation your Remodeling Consultant will tailor your dream bathroom to your realistic budget. They will then arrange for an architectural concept to be drawn up so you can see what the outcome could look like. Your Remodeling Consultant will help you make any changes to the design as well as get the permits you need before the work begins. 

A bathroom with luxury marble bench and tiled floors

Planning your small bathroom layout

The standard small bathroom size is around 40 square feet. To be considered a full bathroom, it must include a toilet, vanity, shower, and bathtub. Optimize space with a one piece bath house (a tub-shower configuration) or open up and modernize your bathroom with glass shower panels. For savvy shower and vanity solutions, check out this retro bathroom renovation in Florida that upgraded the space with a double vanity, stylish lighting, and a brand new toilet. 

For a three-quarter bathroom layout (36 square feet), opt for just a toilet, vanity, and modest shower to keep the layout simple. Make the most of your small bathroom’s square footage here by positioning your shower or vanity in the corner. Whatever the size of your space, we can take the headache out of planning and designing your small bathroom layout.

Space-saving tips for your small bathroom renovation

Renovating a small bathroom can be a puzzle, but there are ways to take advantage of every square inch. For instance, shower doors that open inwards to save floor space. You might consider an over-bath shower instead of a one piece bathtub, or if your space is exceptionally small, a toilet sink combo with hand washing water recycling could be for you. Skylights are a wonderful way to flood your bathroom with natural light and they don’t take up any space. Some models tilt open to provide extra ventilation. 

Add depth to the space by positioning a mirror or window opposite the entry so it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom. Your Remodeling Consultant can help talk you through space saving options that fit the style and budget of your renovation.

Any bathroom needs storage, whether it’s a medicine cabinet behind the mirror, space under the vanity, or a small set of drawers. This is where you can get creative with accessories like towel racks that double as shelving (instead of just your standard bathroom hooks) or built-in shower niches. 

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Stunning Expansion of Kitchen & Bath

Costing of your small bathroom renovation project

Consider your fixtures

The easiest way to freshen your space is with fixtures (not to mention, updated fixtures add great resale value). If you’re looking to add more lavish touches, find inspiration from our recent luxury bathroom renovations.

Keep it simple

Lots of patterns and colors can overwhelm your small bathroom. Streamline your design with inexpensive classic white subway tiles or allocate your design spending towards a feature tile wall or floor. If you’re updating your small brown bathroom, add splashes of contrasting color in the form of tiles and fixtures.

Be mindful of your materials

Material costs depend on what you plan to use in your bathroom. There are expensive options to choose from according to budget as well as visual appeal. For example, you could spend $1,700 to upgrade your small bathroom with low-end materials or up to $17,000 on high-end materials. Have a focal point in mind for your small bathroom, whether it’s a striking vanity or an eye-catching digital bath with spa jets and LED lights. For vanities, a luxe statement option like brass or natural stone elevate and warm your space. A bespoke brass countertop might cost more, but the end result adds timeless elegance. Alternatively, you can still create a stunning focal point fixture with lower cost options.

Read more on cost breakdowns for small bathroom renovations in the United States.

Relax and let Refresh take care of your small bathroom renovation

When you choose to work with Refresh, we take time to first understand your vision, then turn your small bathroom dreams into conceptual designs, working drawings, and then provide a cost estimate. Once you sign off on the plans, your Renovation Consultant will organize the labor, materials, and permits. All you have to do is watch your vision come to life!

We prioritize planning, acute costing, and clear communication: we place equal value on making sure the renovation experience is smooth and seamless for you - with an outcome that’s stunning.

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