The Hottest Bathroom Trends Hitting The Scene In 2022

If 2022 is the year you plan on having a new bathroom installed, look no further for inspiration. These are the bathroom trends set to play out throughout the new year and into the future – so get planning yours!

Long gone are the days of a functional bathroom that allows for a quick shower in the morning while your family members stand outside the door nagging you to hurry up. In the age of Instagram and social media sharing, only a bathroom that allows for the ultimate relaxation is permitted – with minimalist style, elegant comfort and the ability to help you unwind.
If 2022 is the year you plan on having a new bathroom installed, look no further for inspiration. These are the bathroom trends set to play out throughout the new year and into the future – so get planning yours around some of these!
A large bathroom with neutral colours and freestanding bath

Oval and round shapes

A freestanding bathtub has long been seen as a luxury, and rightly so: they do require some decent square footage to fit in. 2022’s interior design trends will see these tubs continue to be in demand but with the addition of some new shapes – think ovals, rounded sides and egg-shaped baths. Matching these soft edges with other fixtures and fittings presents a well-curated aesthetic that promotes tranquillity with its curves; no rigid edges or sharp moments here.

The introduction of wood

When you think of materials used in bathrooms, you probably immediately conjure a mental image of hard, smooth tiles, ceramics and porcelains; and not necessarily the sauna-style wooden finishes that you may see elsewhere in the world. While using actual wooden materials in the bathroom isn’t a practical solution for many of us, wood-like tile designs look fantastic across both walls and floors, creating a visual illusion of warmth and nature. Where wood can be used (in areas that don’t take on too much steam or water), salvaged wood in all its forms can create beautiful panel finishes and decorations; for example around mirrors or as shelves.
A large open plan bathroom

Open-plan spaces with bedroom-bathroom glass partitions

An en-suite on the master bedroom of a home has long been a favoured feature amongst homeowners but creating an open-plan space for it is the newest trend. Glass wall design partitions allow for the privacy and comfort that walls and a door would provide but keep the rooms feeling open, bright and free-flowing. These can be built using glass bricks for walls or as part of a sliding partition design. Such open-plan bedroom-bathroom spaces can already be frequently found in newly built or converted holiday homes and AirBnb listings, as they give the illusion of space and light where perhaps there isn’t a lot of it naturally.

Sophisticated shower designs

The idea of languishing in the bath amongst sweet-smelling bubbles with a glass of something fizzy is a lovely one, but for many of us time and, well, life, get in the way of such a dream happening regularly. Instead, most of us rely on showers for our daily hygiene fix – and so why not style it sufficiently? There is already an increase in demand for centre-placed showers rather than corner ones and when illuminated with LED bulbs and modern lighting, surrounded by bespoke panelling, the shower can become the focal point of the bathroom; with the tub itself (if there is one) just slightly aside and used for when you need it.  

Wall-mounted sink vanity cabinets and shelves

Sink vanities have long been a standalone staple bought in and fitted around the sink, but in an effort to save on precious space, homeowners are beginning to make theirs more efficient. Wall-mounted minimalist sink vanities are fast coming in to fashion, creating elegant features and a feel of spaciousness with blank room underneath.

More mirrors

Another effective way to create the feel of more space is to install more mirrors – yet somehow this technique is frequently forgotten when it comes to bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors have long featured in shopping malls and hotels but are being brought into homes more along with creative lighting ideas to stretch out dimensions and improve aesthetics. A long length mirror doesn’t need to be unbroken and unblemished after all and can easily be placed behind a sink or vanity without compromising on its look.
An industrial themed bathrrom

Industrial interior design

The chunky grey concrete designs that have begun to spill out across living spaces and chic bars, restaurants and hotels may be considered a little cold for a bathroom environment – but with some clever design concepts can easily be made more comfortable. Contemporary light fixtures contrasting with concrete walls and warm-toned lighting may for a strikingly simple bathroom; and if it does feel a little on the cooler side still, a heated towel rail can be included for literal warmth too. An industrial look can be achieved with natural stone slabs and/or other reclaimed natural materials, making for a sustainable choice for the more eco-conscious homeowner.

Natural accents

It can be a costly business to furnish a whole bathroom with natural materials but this doesn’t need to be the case, particularly if you’re hoping to get away without an entire renovation. Introducing natural materials as accents to the room’s design can create a great finish and present attention to detail without having to go the whole hog. Bowls of quartz can replace pot-pourri, ceramics introduce brightness and pebbles in plants give a feeling of calm. When combined with otherwise neutral and minimalist designs, these accents add the finishing touches that can make all the difference. 
Of course, what matters most for your bathroom is that it suits you and your family’s needs – and that you love to be in it! Bathroom designs should be chosen for their longevity, providing both form and function for many years to come. No matter what colour scheme, shaped fittings or natural materials you choose to include, what’s key is that it works for you.

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