The Hottest Kitchen Trends We Can Expect to See in 2022

Want to get ahead of the curve and start planning your new kitchen now? Read on to see what the hot trends are going to be for 2022!

We’ve had plain mason jars stuffed with pulses, marbled countertops, grey fablon on everything and even painted cupboard doors. The interior design of kitchens goes through trends and fads just like everything else, and in 2022, we’re set to see a whole host of clever new design ideas grace kitchen renovation projects up and down the country. Want to get ahead of the curve and start planning yours now? Read on – we’ve got you covered!

Glazed Tiled Backsplashes

Tiled backsplashes have been a primary feature in kitchens for many years now with design appetites moved away from plain glass to wipe-clean tiles; often with a contrasting grout to really stand out. Glazed tiles however, are set to become the norm through 2022. Easy to clean, they also reflect light across the space behind them and add texture. Glazed tiles are currently most popular in white but are available in a whole range of hues to suit all themes and colour schemes. 
A night kitchen with lots of natural light

Glass Partitions

Opening up spaces to present open-plan kitchens into other rooms has been a popular design preference over the last decade but partitions will be the new popular option. Using glazed glass again, a wall of this material can split space without compromising on light or togetherness, but allows you to move away from the hustle, bustle, noise and heat of the kitchen when needed. Glazed glass partitions create the illusion of space without having to fully invest in an open-plan layout, which presents an attractive choice for many.

Layered Lighting

While low-energy bulbs and more efficient industrial-type lighting options have been in favour for a while now, layered lighting will be the new preference for most. In installing task lighting and turning it on only as and when required in certain areas, bills can be kept low and efficiency high without any compromise on aesthetics. With rising energy prices, this will be a necessity for many, but it also helps create a less harsh lighting environment than the standard strip lights and multiple downlighters most are used to.
A large new black kitchen

Shelves Instead Of Cabinets

Visual overload is often high in kitchens, and 99% of kitchens avoid this by putting everything away in wall-hung cabinets. Instead of this, more design-oriented kitchens are beginning to introduce single shelves for plates, mugs and jugs, with everything else being stored in cabinets below worktop level and a pantry combined with the fridge/freezer unit. The finished look is unusual but stunning and wickedly contemporary. Ideally the items on the shelf will remain curated but they don’t need to be too carefully displayed – after all, you still want the room to look practical.

Natural Material Usage

Recent years have seen a vast uptake in the use of more natural materials throughout all areas of interior design but this is likely to increase for kitchens. The use of marble, granite and unpainted wood will continue as consumers enjoy their aesthetics and their sustainability credentials. What’s more, there’s increasing evidence that reducing the amount of chemically treated materials in a home has health benefits for those within.

Concealed Kitchens

As city and urban living becomes smaller and more compact than ever, those looking to entertain with their kitchens will struggle to find space. Concealed kitchens; that is, cleverly hiding cooking areas and large appliances; offer flexible layouts that allow for smaller kitchens in lieu of plenty of room for people to mingle. Smart tech can also play into kitchen concealment, with the likes of fingerprint sensors opening hidden cupboards and cabinets moving out of what appear at first glance to be decorative wall finishings.

Colour Contrasts

Kitchens are often painted or themed in neutral tones but this may not be the case with renovations into the new year. Picking two shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel will allow for the presentation of bold contrasting and with the likes of Farrow & Ball producing new shades of kitchen-safe paint, there’s plenty to choose from.

The Revival of Sink Skirts

The old-school sink skirt, where pleated fabric hides the area under the sink, has not been in vogue since the 1970s but is due a comeback! Using an untreated linen or gingham creates a country feel and replaces cabinet doors, allowing for items to be grabbed quickly and easily as and when required. Sink skirts can be replaced with different coloured or patterned fabric whenever you fancy it, and softens the aesthetic of the whole room. 
A dark black modern kitchen

Dark Dramatic Colour Schemes

The countryside-style neutral colour palette that has been favoured by so many kitchen designers is on the way out – and something much more dramatic is coming to the forefront. Black kitchens with walls, cabinetry and chunky work surfaces in dark tones rather than just using it as an accent colour presents a luxe feel to the room. If it all feels a little too much, add in textured woods and lighter utensils and appliances to bring some balance.

Double Islands

You’ll need a lot of room to do it, but doubling up on kitchen islands is fast becoming the latest fixture in luxury. A pair of island units, whether matching or not, provide ample workspace as well as the ideal place to put down glasses and snacks when entertaining. If space is no object, multiple islands are the next step for capacity and don’t usually require an entire room remodelling.
Even if you’re not a keen cook or much of an entertainer, a kitchen should still be considered a major hub of the home. You need not just enough room to function in the kitchen well and with plenty of comfort to make you feel at ease, but also to be able to clean it easily, and to enjoy it. The last few years have seen more of us than ever redecorate and renovate our homes as we appreciate being in them more but moving with the times and adapting to interior trends is also key. The future looks bright… and the kitchens of 2022 look great!

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