The ultimate guide to creating your dream laundry!

In this guide we will cover every aspect of renovating a laundry, from functionality to aesthetic

The home laundry is one of the most used spaces in a home, often frequented every single day. Yet when we think about renovating, the go-tos are always the kitchen and bathroom. At Refresh, our renovation specialists believe that by investing a little planning and forethought into this often-forgotten room, you can create a unique and high-functioning laundry area you’ll fall in love with!

What are some things to consider while planning your laundry renovation?

It’s important to start with the essentials of what makes a high-functioning laundry:

If you have the luxury of deciding where your new laundry will be situated, it’s advisable to pick a ground-floor room with easy direct access to the outdoors.
**Washing Machine

**When it comes to appliances, think big! Instead of doing multiple small loads, it’s more economical and efficient to do one large wash.
**Tumble Dryer

**Sure, you can have a drying line installed, but a tumble dryer comes in handy during rainy days and emergencies.

As laundries generate a ton of moisture, it is important to create a well-ventilated space filled with natural light. This will help reduce dampness and mildew. As an extra preventive measure, you can also install an extractor fan and paint the walls with a mould-resistant coat.

Make sure to take lighting into account by leaving room for windows, which also helps with ventilation. Layered lighting is also an option to create an easy-to-use space, with overhead lighting and cabinet lighting working together.

How can you maximise your laundry’s functionality?

Now that we have the basics out of the way, we can discuss some of the more innovative laundry additions!
Double Sink

A large sink can be a smart decision as it gives you extra space for hand-washing, soaking, and bleaching. Consider adding a mixer-tap with a spray option if you’re going to be cleaning larger items such as gumboots.
Draining Board

A robust surface where you can apply pre-wash stain treatments and hand scrub clothes.

Clutter can quickly build up in your laundry, so it’s good to think of storage solutions. You can use smart-looking kitchen style cupboards and drawers to stay easily organised, but make sure to install a variety of sizes for various different types of items such as tall cupboards for brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners and shallow cupboards for all your cleaning supplies.

**It’s important to install a lockable cupboard or one with a childproof lock to keep bleach and other harmful products away from the reach of your children and pets.
Laundry Chute

Ensure the entire household’s clothes end up where they should! This is a super quick and easy installation if you have a clear path between two floors.

Especially for small households where your laundry room is located right next to a bedroom or bathroom, installing soundproofing can really help with noise cancellation.
Hanging Rack

If your laundry has access to plenty of sunlight and is well ventilated, a ceiling-mounted rack can help keep the floor clear and make the room feel roomier. Plus, you save on dryer costs!
Ironing Board & Folding Station

If you’re doing ironing in the laundry, a wall-mounted board is an easy solution that takes up little space. It can also double as a folding station to keep everything organised.

How can you make your laundry space more fun and unique?

Who says your laundry must be a boring black and white room? When renovating your house, you always have the option to transform any space into one that reflects your personality!
Style & Colour

While it’s natural to use hardwearing, neutral, easy clean surfaces, you can always mix them up with a few colour accents and accessories. Feature walls or ceilings are a great way to add some colour to your laundry.

Although your laundry floor should be durable, easy to clean, non-slip and waterproof, it can also be used to add a unique flair to the space as both vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and finishes.

Feel free to add some personal touches by hanging plants, art, or family pictures!

If you’re spending a lot of time in your laundry—washing, drying, ironing, and folding, why not install a speaker system to revamp the mood?

How much does it cost to renovate a laundry?

The cost of renovating a laundry depends on your individual needs and the scope of work involved—from simply making a few additions to your laundry or creating one from scratch.
Perhaps you can’t spare an entire room for your laundry. In this case, you might consider installing a laundry cabinet in which you can stack a washing machine and dryer behind a cupboard door. Not only is this an elegant solution, but it also reduces noise from the machines as they chug along!
If you would like an exact quote on how much your specific laundry renovation will cost, one of our renovation specialists can help!

Get inspired by our recently completed laundry renovations from across the world!

Refresh updated this bathroom and laundry in Hamilton, New Zealand by creating a functional space featuring modern cabinetry for the new stacked washing machine and dryer.
In this office, laundry and powder room renovation in Hughesdale, Melbourne, Refresh installed hexagonal tiles in the laundry to add a unique flair, a cabinet that provides a straightforward storage solution, and a skylight that brings warm natural light into the room all day!
Refresh completely changed the aesthetic of this laundry room in Brooklyn, Wellington by installing rosewood hard flooring that beautifully contrasts with the white walls.
With this laundry and bedroom renovation in Pensacola, Florida, the homeowners wanted to maximise their space by transforming their laundry into an ensuite. Refresh did this by building a wall for the shower’s plumbing, installing a ventilation system, repainting the walls and installing a vanity, shower, toilet, while neatly stacking the washer and dryer in its own space, turning this room into a functional multi-purpose space!
This bathroom and laundry renovation in Dingley Village, Melbourne transformed their boring rooms into a modern and stylish aesthetic.
Check out this home update in Lysterfield, Melbourne, where Refresh maximised space by rearranging the laundry, toilet and bathroom areas of the home to create a separate ensuite and main bathroom that includes a built-in laundry hidden behind glass sliding doors!

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