Decorate The Outdoors with Cementina Open Air

Have you been wanting to update your front entrance, outdoor patio or even pool surrounds but just haven't found what you are looking for?

Decorate The Outdoors with Cementina Open Air

Have you been wanting to update your front entrance, outdoor patio or even pool surrounds but just haven’t found what you are looking for? Maybe you are wanting something really decorative that just doesn’t seem to be available amongst the myriad of stone, cement and porcelain options on the market. The Cementina Open Air collection may be just what you are looking for.

One of the most anticipated collections to join the stocked lines at The Tile Depot in 2021 has been the Cementina Open Air collection. A highly decorative and unique collection of encaustic style tiles designed specifically for exterior use. Designed by leading Italian ceramic designer Silvia Stanzani, who in collaboration with renown manufacturer Ceramica Fioranese, has created some of the most popular interior cement style tiles on the market. Another collaboration between these industry leaders has again resulted in something really special, but this time for the outdoors.
The use of encaustic style patterned tiles for front entrances and patios is gaining in popularity at present, but the vast majority of these tiles on the market are not designed for exterior use, being neither anti-slip or frost proof. In front entrances that may get rained on or be walked on in wet shoes, a high degree of slip resistance is essential. The Building Code Residential (Section 2.1.2b) requires that access routes that approach the front door require a wet slip resistant surface. The Open Air collection is a glazed porcelain range that has an R11 slip resistant surface which is suitable for high risk areas such as front entrances and can even be laid around swimming pools and sloped surfaces. They are also frost resistant.

The Open Air collection is decorated with geometric and floral patterns inspired by late 19th Century European designs, reinterpreted for the contemporary era. They bring brightly coloured, decorative and eclectic designs characteristic of interior spaces to the outdoors, offering an exciting alternative to traditional outdoor materials. The overall effect is lively and pleasurable exterior spaces for truly comfortable living and relaxation.

The Tile Depot has three stocked lines from the Open Air collection with three further designs and specialized pool; edging and grate cover pieces available on indent. They come in 200x200mm rectified format and like all exterior tiles, must be adhered to a solid substrate. They are a unique, slightly retro and truly eye-catching Italian range for really original outdoor areas.
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