Top 10 window styles

Deciding on a window for your home is about a balance between aesthetics and function; we get expert advice from Darryl Church on 10 basic styles.

Dan O'Connor bay or box window above window seat in white-palette double bedroom
ARTICLE Darryl Church supplied by HomeStyle, PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of Darryl Church Architecture

Deciding on a window for your home is about a balance between aesthetics and function; we get expert advice from Darryl Church on 10 basic styles.
Selecting a shape, position and material for your window is almost limitless. In most cases it is a balance between functional and aesthetic requirements. Large expanses of glass will open a room to the outside, but this may compromise privacy and allow excessive heat gain or heat loss. Too small a window, may not offer the desired amount of natural light, limit potential for any heat gain and prevent you from enjoying the external view. A general rule of thumb, is to allow more glazing to the north, and less on the south side of your house. But of course not all sites are orientated the same and the requirements for solar gain and views can be in completely different directions. A habitable space must have a window view to the outside, of which at least 50% is clear viewing. With energy efficiency awareness greater than ever double glazing is becoming a popular choice for most windows in the home. Generally the size limitation of a window is determined by the limits of glazing rather than the frame construction material so decide what kind of glazing you want first.

1. Bay Window

The Bay or Box window projects from the external wall. They are ideal for adding space to a room or above a kitchen bench. Their protrusion enables them to capture extra light and warmth. In this design by Dan O'Connor the Bay window allows for extra storage and a window seat to be created.
Dan O'Connor bay or box window above window seat in white-palette double bedroom

2. Double-Hung

With two glass panes moving up or down within the frame this style allows venting from top or bottom and is common in older homes, as seen below. Also known as a sash window.
White framed double hang or sash window in kitchen

3. Casement

Commonly found in newer homes, this style is hinged on the side and swings out like a door. A casement window can be single or multi-pane.
Single pane casement window overlooking bay in double bedroom

4. Louvered

Manually rotated to open or close this window can be opened by degrees to control how much air or light is allowed to pass through. As they are unable to be shut airtight they are typically used in smaller spaces, as drafts and security issues can arise. Seen in this house by Landmark Homes. 
Louvered multi-pane window in dining room, overlooking side yard

5. Sliding 

Available in single, double and multi-opening panels, sliding windows are often the safest option for decks and walkways. Featuring aluminum frames, this window design is by Aluminum Systems who offer numerous window styles for every home.
Aluminum framed double sliding window in sun room

6. Bi-fold 

This style is the ultimate in indoor-outdoor living as it merges one area with another, as seen in the outdoor room design by Darryl Church on the previous page. Or as in this instance by Baywood Homes, the windows can be pushed back opening up the entire area of the window frame.
Pushed back bi-fold window in modern cottage kitchen with views of the bay and mountain

The most common frame choices are Aluminum, Timber, PVC, Steel and Composites, so there is window material choice no matter what the style of your home.

7. Sky Light 

Perfect for adding extra natural light to the room there are many variations on this style of window to suit different roof pitches, elevations and needs. Some may open Ð operated by a long rod or electrically, while others may be there simply for extra light.   As seen here by VELUX.
Several sky light windows in open plan kitchen, dinning and living area with glass doors leading to deck

8. Picture

Also known as the fixed window, this is the simplest and most versatile element of window decor as it lets in the light but not the elements.  

9. Geometric

Most commonly, this is seen with round-top windows, which can stand alone or be used as a crowning accessory to other windows, seen in this design built by Cavalier Homes. As this style will be custom made price can be a deciding factor.
Cavalier homes square geometric windows in dining room, with views of vineyard country side and mountains
Most window styles can be used in combinations to create a wall of glass that opens up to an outdoor space, or as an internal wall separating two living areas; you're only limited by your imagination and budget.

10. Awning

Designed to provide natural light and a breeze while maintaining privacy this window is placed high on the wall. Hinged at the top it will open on a horizontal angle. House design by Creative Arch.
Awning windows located above glass bi-fold doors creating an outdoor-indoor flow, by Creative Arch
Darryl Church is an ADNZ member and owner operator of Darryl Church Architecture.
This article was supplied by HomeStyle. HomeStyle magazine celebrates real homes and affordable style.

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