Ten top things to think about to ensure you get your walk-in wardrobe working for you.

Well functioning walk-in wardrobe.
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Ten top things to think about to ensure you get your walk-in wardrobe working for you.
1. Maximise usable space. Install drawers rather than shelves or cupboards. However, above shoulder height, it is better to have shelves for storage of infrequently used items.
2. Maximise short hanging. Keep your long hanging to a minimum and hang a rail above your drawer units. This will give you space for perfumes and other personal items.
3. Allow for laundry. It may be as simple as a basket or as intricate as a chute. If you have a lot of laundry try a built-in chest where clothes can be dumped and dealt with later. If the lid is padded it also makes a great seat!
4. Allow for shoes and boots. Instead of a standard kick board, wall mount your drawers higher, or put them on legs and store your shoes underneath.
5. Put in a mirror. Make sure lighting and the size of the mirror fits your needs for makeup and dressing.
6. Cabinetry should flow through. If you are having built-in cabinetry, use the same material and style as the vanity in your bathroom.
7. Have fun. This is a private room so you can add a bit of personality. Paint a wall a crazy colour or put in a wild wallpaper.
8. You don’t need a window. In fact having no windows is a big plus when you are getting undressed. This may mean you can use a dead patch in the centre of a house by converting a windowless room into a great storage area.
9. Define the space. Flooring can be an issue with where to start and finish different materials. Try to keep the colours as close as possible even if the materials are different. A light tile against a light carpet will make the rooms look bigger.
10. Fittings and decorative elements. The size of these elements can be different from the bathroom to the wardrobe to suit the scale of each of the rooms, but will ensure there is a cohesive flow through

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