What is the green building code, and the green star rating system?

It might come as a surprise to know that unlike some countries, there is no 'green building code' in New Zealand. What we do have is a free, independent and voluntary rating tool called Homestar™

Green grass and blue skies representing green star building code.
ARTICLE: Krista Ferguson, director of Homestar

It might come as a surprise to know that unlike some countries, there is no ‘green building code’ in New Zealand. What we do have is a free, independent and voluntary rating tool called Homestar™ that evaluates the environmental attributes of stand-alone homes. It looks at whether your home is warm and dry, and how you can use less water and reduce waste, as well as a number of other topics.
Homestar was developed by the building industry, and is backed by the government, so it is comprehensive, robust and designed for New Zealand’s unique conditions. If you have ever wondered how your home rates, a great place to start is to fill out the free self-assessment questionnaire on the Homestar website. This gives your home a provisional rating on a scale of one to 10, plus a comprehensive recommendations report. Some recommendations may involve simple actions that require little or no cost, such as installing energy efficient lights. Others may need an investment that will pay for itself through lower running costs or other benefits.
If you need further guidance a homecoach can provide assistance, or if you’re planning a major renovation, a Homestar practitioner can ensure these key features are included at an early design stage. And when you’re finished, a qualified assessor can provide your home with an official Homestar Certified Rating. This is especially helpful if you’re looking at selling or renting your home, as a good rating will increase your home’s attractiveness and potentially your sale price or rental value.
When it comes to renovating, New Zealanders tend to spend money on renovations that look good, rather than those that would help a property feel good, such as warmth, comfort, security, etc.
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