A Modern and Monochrome Kitchen Design in Bulwell, Nottingham

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kitchen design in bulwell nottingham

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It’s easy to put off renovating your home. There are always reasons not to start. A new car, or holiday eats into the savings, and a renovation feels like an upheaval that you can’t cope with just yet. Or sometimes, like in the case of this home renovation, the rest of the house slowly gets done and you just have one room left. This striking kitchen transformation was the last room in the property to be renovated and needed to be easy clean, stylish and masculine. Tony got in touch with the Refresh Renovations team in North Nottinghamshire, taking the first steps towards his hassle free kitchen renovation!

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Nottingham kitchen designers

The Client was at the end of their tether with their current kitchen, an outdated, cramped room without sufficient storage space and with textured walls and ceilings which grease clung to and was difficult to clean. The brief for Refresh was clear; An easy to clean and manage kitchen, with plenty of storage space and a stylish but utilitarian approach. The North Nottinghamshire Refresh team got to work on the design phase, supplying the client with a kitchen design which fit the brief. With only a few small changes to make to design during the Working Drawings stage, most visibly, the flooring and worktop which Nottinghamshire Renovation Consultant, Bryony, hunted down the perfect matching flooring and worktop to ensure that the client had exactly what they wanted aesthetically. 

The initial concept design prior to the worktop and flooring changes

Demolition phase

Prior to the build works starting, the team at Refresh organised for an asbestos survey to be undertaken, to safeguard the contracting teams and the client during the strip out phase. Artex ceilings are often a red flag for asbestos, and Refresh Renovations takes build safety very seriously. Thankfully, the test came back negative, and the teams could get to work on the build without any additional safety precautions. 
The sub contractor team made fast work of the strip out, and were initially ahead of schedule by 3 days, which was fortuitous because during the demolition of the ceiling it was discovered that a previous structural change to the property had not been completed within building regulations. A structural wall did not have the correct supports and required additional support to ensure the safe structure of the room. This was promptly discussed with the client, with the associated works and costs being signed off in advance of any additional works taking place. The sub contractor team fixed up the structural issue, and commenced back on with the initial scope of the project, all without stepping off schedule! 

A simple and stylish kitchen design

This stylish kitchen design has received a full strip-out and re-plastering, with new spotlights added for a light and airy feel. Bright white gloss cabinets are easy to wipe clean, and the slate effect flooring and worktop are perfect for hiding any interim debris from cooking. The matte black fixtures and fittings blend seamlessly with the monochrome design, giving a stylish and crisp finish to the room. Additional cabinets provide ample storage to help keep worktops clear of unused appliances and clutter. An induction hob provides a minimalistic and easy clean solution for cooking, along with an oven option with retractable buttons for the same reasoning. White, chrome and black accents give this monochrome kitchen a hard masculine edge which is perfect for this bachelor pad. 

Post project aftercare

Even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry, which is why it is so important to have someone in your corner fighting for you. The Refresh Renovations team in North Nottinghamshire go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients, always trying to ensure that customers are properly looked after, even when its outside the remit of the project. This lovely monochrome kitchen had been fitted for a week when disaster struck. Completely unrelated to the works undertaken by the Refresh team, a water leak under the property meant that a new water mains need to be fitted… directly into the newly renovated kitchen. Refresh Renovations consultant Bryony, jumped at the problem, saying 
“I was concerned that if Tony had a third party contractor take out the kitchen and refit it after the water mains was reconnected, that they may not be as careful as our teams would, and the client may end up with broken units, scratched walls, and a kitchen finish not the standard we would want”
Because of this, the team liaised with the client and the water company to ensure a smooth overlap of works, taking out the areas of the kitchen which would have the water mains fitted, and replacing the units back once the remedial work was done. Skilled workmanship and a little extra time and care on the works meant that the kitchen units, worktop and shelves survived the removal and refit and potentially saving the customer a whole lot of money in the meantime!

A gorgeous kitchen renovation and a happy customer

The team at Refresh North Nottinghamshire are absolutely delighted with the result of this kitchen renovation project, but not quite as happy as the customer, who very kindly left the following testimonial: 
“I don't normally do reviews, but in this instance i think it warrants one. Totally professional approach from initial engagement right through to the completion of the work. It was such a weight off my shoulders with refresh doing everything, from the initial design, working from my requirements and suggestions, through to managing every aspect of the work (sourcing materials, workforce, deliveries) every aspect was managed in such a way that this has been the only renovation i've had done that has been stress free. everything was project managed extremely efficiently and respectful of my needs. Even when i had an issue, post the actual build (nothing to do with the renovation), refresh stepped up and helped me to resolve the issue, even though they had no obligation to do so. I would and already have recommended Refresh to my friends and would certainly engage with again if i carry out any further renovations.” Tony Mottram

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This project was completed in
August 2022
Project description
A striking monochrome kitchen design in Nottingham
North Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom
Project duration
5 Weeks
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