From Cold Garage to Cosy Home Office in Jack’s Point, Queenstown

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A thoughtfully curated home office not only increases productivity but makes working more enjoyable. With the garage of her Queenstown home going unused, this Jack’s Point homeowner wanted to create an inviting home office that she could look forward to spending time in.

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Going For It

Prior to moving into her Jack’s Point property, homeowner Jan wanted to customise a few things. She worked from home and wanted to create an inviting, cosy office that she could look forward to being in; she also wanted to make changes to the living area. 
“After previous bad experiences with several contractors in the North Island, I was hesitant to start renovations,” says Jan. But Refresh Renovations’ reputation of professionalism and transparency caught her attention and she reached out to local Renovation Consultant Kathleen Magon who visited her home to conduct an in-depth consultation to understand Jan’s goals and vision. 

Reworking the Scope

The garage on the lower level of Jan’s home was the space she wanted to use for her new office. Functionality and the right atmosphere were paramount but she also wanted to avoid extensive changes that would require council consent; something Kathleen would take into consideration during the design phase. 
As they continued to outline the scope of the project, it became clear that there would be an issue with the timeline. Jan wanted the renovations to be finished before she moved in, but her ideas for the living level required specialist stonemasonry, for which there were lengthy lead times. 
Kathleen recommended breaking the renovation up into two stages, with the home office focus number one, so as to not delay the entire project. Jan was happy with this solution and ready to take the next steps.  

Thoughtful Design Ideas

Since Jan’s vision revolved around achieving a specific aesthetic, Kathleen was meticulous with the design. Warm walnut cabinetry, pendant lighting, and rich wall colourings were key features that achieved the cosy feeling Jan was after. But the extensive joinery work came with a hefty price tag of $32,000. While Jan was motivated by design, she also wanted to feel justified in her spending. 
Kathleen felt the amount of cabinet joinery could be reduced without sacrificing quality. By reducing the scope, she brought the cost down to $16,000, saving Jan money while still achieving the same feeling — another welcome solution. 
The garage door was to stay in place for two reasons: to take advantage of the fantastic view and avoid the need for council consent. USB charging ports, LED strip lighting, and strategically placed power points took care of the thoughtful functionality and wrapped up the design phase.

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A Seamless Build Phase

Joinery production lead times significantly impacted the schedule but once Kathleen had a delivery date nailed down, she planned the timeline to a T. Since the garage was already insulated and carpeted, the main goal was to bring the design to life, so Kathleen coordinated a talented team of contractors and specialists to execute the plans. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed by Jan who notes, “disruption was minimal and the best part was that the contractors arrived on site, and always knew exactly what they had to do! The workmanship was excellent from all the contractors.”

Finished Results

Kathleen initially anticipated wrapping up the project in just over a week, but Jan opted to make a few electrical and lighting alterations during the build so the finished office was delivered within a fortnight — still a quick turnaround.
Jan’s new office space is the perfect balance of a professional yet cosy and inviting environment. By keeping the garage door intact, Jan can enjoy an alfresco feel and take in the fantastic Queenstown views for some midday inspiration. 
As requested, all of the cords and equipment in the office are strategically hidden away while remaining easily accessible. Thanks to smart cable management systems, Jan can keep her workspace clutter-free. She’s highly satisfied with her new office and more importantly, Kathleen’s excellent project management:
“I have been so impressed! Kathleen was amazing to work with, always punctual and providing constant updates on the project. I would absolutely recommend her to run your renovation project. I was really pleased with the outcome!”

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This project was completed in
May 2023
Project description
A garage conversion to home office
Queenstown & Wanaka
New Zealand
Project duration
2 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Working around long lead times
Interesting aspects
Bespoke joinery
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Kathleen Magon is Renovation Consultant of Solasta Limited, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Queenstown-Wanaka.

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