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Our Renovation Consultants in Gisborne offer speciality home renovation services through the region from Whataupoko West and Kaiti South to Te Hapara South and Tamarau.

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At Refresh, we want you to enjoy the process of renovating your home, just as much as the results of the transformation. That’s why, we’ve made it our mission to change the way the world renovates with an approach that focuses on providing a stress-free experience for homeowners. Our proven 5-step process avoids traditional renovation pitfalls, replacing them with clear communication, thorough planning, and comprehensive customer support.
We’ve completed thousands of successful renovations worldwide, and behind each one is an experienced Renovation Consultant. They are the cornerstone of our 5-step process and will be by your side throughout your entire renovation. From ideation to execution, our local Gisborne Renovation Consultants will remain your single point of contact and go-to person for any questions or concerns.
They’ll comprehend your goals during the initial consultation and collect all necessary information to determine your project’s feasibility. From there they’ll provide you with a cost estimate and working drawings so you don’t have to imagine the final product; you can see it laid out in 3D form. Once you approve the plans and quote, your Gisborne Renovation Consultant will coordinate tradespeople and source premium materials so the building can begin.

“Refresh understood what we wanted, always got back to us, answered our questions, and asked us more. The team remained engaged. They respected the fact that we were living here, I know that made it difficult for them, but they’ve always cleaned up so we never had to worry about coming home to a pigsty.” - Jackie & Craig Rich, Refresh clients

Gisborne’s residences range from modest cottages and beachy bungalows to stately Victorian villas and expansive lifestyle blocks. With sun and surf aplenty, it’s no wonder the region’s population is growing at a steady rate. But more residents lead to more competition for housing which means it’s a better time than ever to renovate instead of relocating.
Our Gisborne Renovation Consultants are locals. Well-versed in the region’s housing styles, they are also equipped to offer expert advice about whether a granny flat is suitable for your property or if a kitchen or bathroom renovation will give you the most impact according to your investment.
Having a local on your side is especially helpful when it comes to the consent portion of your home renovation. It’s likely your project will be subject to one of Gisborne’s many assessments or permitting processes that the council may require, such as wastewater assessments, geotechnical reports, and soil-bearing capacity tests. But your Renovation Consultant will take care of everything.  

“I engaged Refresh Renovations because I work full time. I wanted only to be making decisions and paying bills, not trying to coordinate everything and being responsible for tradespeople. It has worked out perfectly.”  - Catherine Simpson, Refresh client.

Beyond the many ways that Refresh supports the renovation journey, what sets us apart is that our approach was crafted with homeowners at the heart of it all. From beginning to end, briefing to finalisation, you can expect your local Gisborne Renovation Consultant to deliver transparent communication, excellent customer service, and a project that’s completed on time and within budget, with fantastic results!

What’s missing from your home?

From building home offices to home extensions, we’re here to help. Get in touch with a local Gisborne Renovation Consultant today to arrange your no-obligation consultation.

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Service The Following Locations

  • Arero
  • Awatere
  • Bartletts
  • Awapuni
  • East Cape
  • Elgin
  • Five Bridges
  • Gisborne City Centre
  • Hangaroa
  • Hexton
  • Hicks Bay
  • Hikuwai
  • Hiruharama
  • Huiarua
  • Kait
  • Kanakanaia
  • Koranga
  • Makauri
  • Makorori
  • Mangapapa
  • Manutuke
  • Maraetaha
  • Matawai
  • Matawhero
  • Motu
  • Moutohora
  • Muriwai
  • Ngatapa
  • iMakaraka
  • Okitu
  • Outer Kaiti
  • Ormond
  • Otoko
  • Patutahi
  • Pehiri
  • Potaka
  • Pouawa
  • Rakauroa
  • Ruatoria
  • Rangitukia
  • Rere
  • Riverdale
  • Rototahi
  • Tamarua
  • Te Hapara
  • Tahunga
  • Takamore
  • Takapau
  • Tauwhareparae
  • Te Araroa
  • Te Karaka
  • Tikitiki
  • Tiniroto
  • Tokomaru Bay
  • Tolaga Bay
  • Waerengaahika
  • Waerengaokuri
  • Waiherere
  • Waimata
  • Wainui
  • Whataupoko
  • Waingake
  • Waipaoa
  • Waipiro Bay
  • Wairoa
  • Whangara
  • Wharekopae
  • Whareponga
  • Whatatutu ‍

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