Auckland Central Kitchen Installers

modern country kitchen design

If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, Refresh Renovations Auckland Central can help. We specialise in providing homeowners with bespoke home renovations that are managed from start to finish - making it easy for homeowners to experience a low-stress, high-value renovation experience.

What kitchen installation services do Refresh Auckland Central provide?

We can take care of every aspect of your kitchen renovation, including: 
- Kitchen installations
- Kitchen extensions
- Kitchen island installations
- Kitchen countertop installations
- Kitchen appliance installations
- Installing kitchen cupboards
- Kitchen flooring installations
- Replacing kitchen cupboard doors
- Gasfitting
- Plumbing & electrical work
- Painting and decorating
- Resource/building consent applications

...and anything else you can think of!

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in NZ?

Refresh has carried out kitchen renovations ranging from $30,000 - $200,000*. However, the cost of each individual kitchen renovation differs depending on the project specifications, any existing hidden damage, your stylistic preferences and whether or not council consent will be needed. If you are working within a limited budget, it’s a good idea to plan for a renovation that stays within your kitchen’s existing layout. If you are determined to make significant structural and layout changes, be prepared to spend on the higher end of this spectrum. For a cost estimate accurate to your specifications, please contact your local renovation consultant. 

What are some design ideas for small kitchens?

Struggling to get the most out of your small kitchen design? Our team can work with you to develop and implement a new design that will make the most out of your kitchen cabinet storage, floor plan and kitchen triangle. When it comes to small kitchens, modern functionality is key. Light colours, recessed lighting and floating cabinetry can all help to make small spaces feel bigger. 

What style of kitchen renovation does Refresh Auckland Central specialise in? 

Whether you are aspiring toward a country kitchen, modern kitchen or another style entirely, Refresh Renovations will bring your vision to life. We specialise in personalised, bespoke kitchen designs. Once we’ve drawn up a design you love, we’ll take care of any construction, installations, painting and decorating that your project requires. Using our clever project management processes and systems, we’ll do everything in our power to provide a wonderful kitchen renovation experience.

How can we help?

Get in touch - we’d love to hear your ideas. 

*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.