Auckland Central Open Plan Renovation Builders

Auckland Central Open Plan Renovation Builders

Modern interior design has almost become synonymous with open-plan living, with many homeowners in Auckland Central opting to convert their closed-off claustrophobic living areas into a free flowing space.
Whether you simply like the aesthetic or are a fan of the functionality when it comes to entertaining guests, Refresh Auckland Central’s team of Renovation Consultants can help you achieve your ideal open-plan design. 
To get started on your open-plan renovation, get in touch with a local consultant today. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about the open-plan renovation services we offer, continue reading below.

What Open Plan renovation services does Refresh Renovations provide in Auckland Central?

  • Bespoke open-plan designs
  • End-to-end open-plan living renovation project management
  • Open-plan living building and construction
  • Open-plan kitchen renovations
  • Open-plan conversions
  • Open-plan new builds
  • Open-plan floor plans and designs
  • Indoor-outdoor flow
  • Open-plan interior design
  • Open-plan bathroom renovation

...and anything else you can think of!

What are some current open-plan living trends in Auckland Central?

In Auckland Central, most homeowners prefer to create an open-plan living area that consists of a free flowing kitchen, living room, and dining room. By tearing down the walls, they are able to achieve a spacious aesthetic that allows them to better entertain guests and move between areas with ease. 
Many homeowners also choose to install sliding doors in order for their living areas to flow into their home’s exterior, ideally onto a nice decked area. Each space still has its own defining features and is separated by design features and colour choices. 
Your open-plan design does not have to be limited to your living areas either. Another popular choice is to create an open-plan free-flowing bathroom, with freestanding baths and walk-in showers. Some homeowners even have indoor-outdoor bathrooms that allow you to shower in the sunlight! 
The best thing is that there are no rules when it comes to open-opan living, and our Renovation Consultants can work with you to figure out exactly what you are hoping to achieve, and create a bespoke design to ensure that end result. 

How much does it cost to create an open-plan space in Auckland Central?

Based on our completed projects, we estimate that an open-plan renovation in Auckland Central will cost between $40,000 to upwards of $400,000*, depending on the scope of your project. However, whatever your budget might be, your Refresh Consultant will make sure to provide the best outcome to match your wants and needs. 

*Please note that these estimates are a rough guideline only. For an exact quote of how much your open-plan renovation project will cost, consult a local Renovations Consultant..

Will Refresh take care of any council consent paperwork on my behalf?

Yes! Knocking down walls generally requires council consent and your Renovation Consultant will submit paperwork on your behalf and make sure the conversion is completed according to all local rules and regulations. We provide a single stop end-to-end service, which means your entire project is taken care of by your Renovation Consultants, from the initial designs, to the finishing touches, ensuring a holistic approach that practically guarantees a successful renovation.

Ready to take down those walls and embrace open-plan living?

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