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For any Christchurch home electrical service, our Renovation Consultants can deliver premium results.

Are you looking for an electrical panel upgrade or help with wiring and installing a new home electrical system? Don’t know where to start?
With years of Christchurch experience in electrical renovations, we ensure top results.
Our Renovation Consultant in Christchurch can take care of any electrical project you might be planning. Get in touch to discuss how we can assist with your renovation. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Our Renovationm Consultants can offer you creative, tailored solutions for your electrical renovation, from lighting installation to underfloor heating. No matter the job, our network of trusted Christchurch electricians can handle any task. 
Importantly, we pride ourselves on customer service that’s second to none. Because when you work with Refresh Renovations, you’ll be partnered with your own personal Renovation Consultant, who is there for each step of your renovation journey. 
Right from the start, they will listen carefully to your requirements, provide transparent budget expectations, and put years of expertise to work, reducing risks and unnecessary costs. Additionally, they’ll handle any council consents and organise trustworthy contractors - all while acting as your single point of contact across the renovation.
With years of industry experience and thousands of renovations under our belt at Refresh Renovations, we’re confident in delivering exceptional results. There’s no better team to trust. 

What are the current electrical renovation trends in Christchurch?

Long, chilly Christchurch winters make having a warm, dry home important for comfort and health. But as Christchurch is also home to several character properties, this increasingly becomes all the more vital. 
Thus, many homeowners need heating and air conditioning solutions to bring their homes to a comfortable, energy-efficient standard. 
Currently, it is popular to install wired home heating systems that allow for affordable heating through controllable and timed delivery systems. These electric panel programmable heaters can sense open windows and will automatically learn your home heating patterns. Cost-wise, the initial price of an intelligent home heating system always pays off.
With sustainable home solutions now arguably the biggest 2021 renovation trend, solar energy panels are also increasingly sought after, being great for the environment and your energy bill. But if you find a solar installation isn’t an option for your home renovation, smaller adjustments such as smart heated towel rail timers can be just as effective in keeping your home comfortable without breaking the bank. 
Whatever your renovation brief, our Christchurch Renovation Consultants and their network of Christchurch electricians will steer you in the right direction. 

What electrical services do Refresh Renovations provide?

We provide professional project management and consistent communication throughout the renovation journey. So no matter the renovation service, you can always expect a quality experience.
If you’re looking for renovation electricians, our Renovation Consultants would be happy to help. Simply get in touch to discuss electrical services and get your project started.

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical renovation
  • Lighting installation
  • Electrical panel upgrade
  • Electrical wiring
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heat pump installation
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Heated towel rail timers
  • Home security system

How much will my electrical project cost?

For every electrical renovation, costs will change according to the labour needed, the project’s complexity, and the fittings or fixtures you want to be installed. And should you wish to work with experts like lighting designers to customise lighting installations throughout your home, your budget will also increase. 
For example, let’s break down the costs of lighting renovations into a few different budgets:
Firstly, a basic lighting upgrade is often roughly between $8,000* to $10,000+*. This electrical renovation might include wiring, switchboard installation, and environmentally-friendly LED lighting installed throughout the home. 
In contrast, a mid-range budget can vary from $15,000* to $25,000*. Within this range, some homeowners can start including features like remote-controlled, dimmable lighting and even colour adjustable bulbs. 
While on the other hand, complex wiring systems and electrical plans that allow for intelligent home lighting solutions can set the budget from $50,000* onwards.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh Renovations take care of any required council consent? 

Certainly, our Christchurch Renovation Consultants will take care of any council applications and consent needed for your electrical renovation.
We’re here to make it as simple as possible. So we make it our responsibility to handle everything from design through to installation. 

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