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A garage converted into a home working space

Garage space is at a premium in the capital, so if you’re lucky enough to have one, consider yourself hugely property privileged! But are you using your garage space to its full potential? Many of us end up using our garages just for storage space (for cars or other accumulated ‘stuff’) and so the room goes unused; often because the space is considered too cold or concrete to do much else with. Yet garages can be comprehensively converted into a whole variety of rooms, so if you can park your car elsewhere, why not do so?
In South East London, Refresh Renovations work on a variety of garage conversions in homes of all shapes, sizes and type.

What types of Garage Conversion do Refresh offer?

Garages can be converted into just about any room, and Refresh have worked on garage conversions to change such spaces into:
- Additional bedrooms (with en-suites)
- Cinema rooms
- Smart storage spaces
- Living areas
- Home offices

What are the current Garage Conversion trends in South East London? 

With repeated lockdowns and work-at-home orders put in place during the last two years, it is no surprise that more homeowners than ever are choosing to create home offices and work studio space in their garages. There has also been rising demand for the addition of extra bedrooms in converted garages – to cater for growing families but also to create bedrooms for rentals and lodgers (an increasingly popular additional income method for those in the capital). 

How much does a Garage Conversion cost?

Garage conversions can be done simply or comprehensively. The cheapest garage conversions are those that just require some interior design but more exhaustive conversions may include the installation of insulation, window and door fitting, plumbing and electrical installation. The larger the scope of the conversion, the more expensive the cost will be.
Refresh Renovations specialists visit homes for free to provide accurate quotes after an inspection of the space and an understanding gained of the project at hand. There is no obligation to proceed after one of these visits and a specialist can return to additional inspections or meetings as required.

Why choose Refresh for a Garage Conversion?

Refresh manage garage conversions as end-to-end projects; overseeing the entire job from conception to completion with a dedicated Project Manager in place. This provides open and transparent communication between all involved parties as well as continued adherence to the project plan for a successful conversion.

Will I need planning permission for my Garage Conversion? 

Unless significant structural renovations are taking place, it is unlikely that planning permission will be required. Where such external administration is needed, the Refresh Project Manager will file, apply and appeal the documentation on the homeowners’ behalf, so disruption is minimal. 

What areas do Refresh South East London operate in?

Refresh South East London offer Garage Conversion services in Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Woolwich, Forest Hill, and the surrounding areas.

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