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Luxury Kitchen Design Gloucestershire

A kitchen can be the hub of the home, and since the coronavirus pandemic, more of us than ever are embracing the concept of using the room as a social space as well as a food prep and cooking area. Throughout Gloucestershire, Refresh Renovations works on kitchen design to really transform what was once thought of as just a functional room to a social, enjoyable space.

What aspects of Luxury Kitchen Design do Refresh undertake?

There’s lots of details to consider when it comes to kitchen design and at Refresh, we work on every design completely bespoke. This includes, but is by no means limited to, designs including:
- One wall kitchens
- The galley kitchen
- The L-shaped kitchen
- U-shaped kitchens
- An island kitchen
- Bespoke kitchen design
- Marble Worktops
- Open plan kitchen diner
- High end kitchens
- Luxury kitchen design

What are the trends in Luxury Kitchen Design at the moment?

Luxury kitchen design goes through trend fluctuations just like all other interior design concepts, but we’re really beginning to see demand in areas that focus on more long-term sustainability. This includes the use of lots of natural materials such as reclaimed wood, marble and tiles, and clever storage design that allow for lots of cupboard space that doesn’t crowd the space. Lots of Refresh’s recent projects have included full extensions to kitchens to develop them into open-plan kitchen-diner spaces.

How much does a Luxury Kitchen Design cost?

Top-end kitchen designs vary in price depending on project scope, and use of materials and finishes, but a high end luxury bespoke kitchen installation is likely going to begin in the region of £50,000+. In reality the sky is the limit with luxury kitchen designs, and Refresh will work with you to get the finish you desire. For the more modest budget, Refresh can offer advice on how to achieve a high end aesthetic for less cost. 

Why choose Refresh for Luxury Kitchen Design?

Refresh Renovations work on an end-to-end project management basis, managing every aspect of the job to minimise disruption to the homeowner. This approach has won awards worldwide and really affords homeowners the freedom to continue on with their normal lives even as extensive works are being completed.

Will I need planning permission for my Luxury Kitchen Design project?

The majority of kitchen designs will not require any planning permission but there may be instances where this is required; such as in listed buildings, where architectural intervention is happening or where plumbing or re-plumbing is needed. Refresh manage this as part of their standard service – including applications, appeals and advice on how to proceed avoiding the process entirely, if desired.

What areas do Refresh Gloucester operate in?

Refresh North Yorkshire take care of Luxury Kitchen Design in Gloucester, Stonehouse, Cirencester, Minchinhampton and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me with my Luxury Kitchen Design idea?

There’s not been a kitchen design idea yet that the Refresh team have been approached with and haven’t managed to make a reality! Put us to the test – invite us to your home for a walk-around and discussion, and a Refresh specialist will be able to provide you with more information (for free, and with no obligation).

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