Gloucestershire Roofers

When embarking on a new home renovation, roofing – or re-roofing – should be a massive consideration. Choosing a renovation company that offer specialist roofing services can be difficult to do as there are few that offer the all-encompassing service Refresh manage. Our full project management ensures that specialist contractors are hired to fit your needs and roofers are included within this. 

What aspects of Roofing Projects do Refresh undertake?

No matter how involved roofing is as part of your renovation, Refresh can take care of it. Our standard roofing services include:
- Slating
- Tiling
- Roof installations
- Solar panel installations
- Roof re-modelling
- Extensions/additions
- Chimney repairs
- Insulation
- Carpentry
- Roofing repairs
- Gutter replacements
- Fascia and soffit replacements

What are the trends in Roofing?

Most commonly, we work with roofing where new roofs are being installed as part of an extension or addition to a property. However, re-roofing is also growing in popularity – as loft conversions require dormer installation and as homeowners look to increase the sustainability credentials of their properties. A decently installed roof of a high quality can help save a huge amount of money on energy bills… a must as they continue to increase!

How much does a New Roof cost?

The exact cost of a new roof or re-roofing project depends on the size of the roof, the materials being used and the access to the site (as safety is a key consideration for roofing staff). Re-tiling tends to start at around £5,500-£8,000+ but slate shingles often cost considerably more.
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant

Why choose Refresh for your Roofing Project?

Refresh work with specialists in all fields and roofing is just one of them. Combining specialist staff from all trades ensures we deliver the highest quality finish of renovation – and our assignment of a dedicated project manager to each renovation means that homeowners don’t need to faff around taking time off work to sort things themselves.

Will I need planning permission for my New Roof?

Re-roofing can be usually be completed under a homeowner’s Permitted Development Rights, and in most cases so can minor amendments to roof patterns and designs. If, for whatever reason, a roofing project does require LPA (Local Planning Authority) planning permission, this will be taken care of by the Refresh team for no extra fee outside of our standard service cost.

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh North Yorkshire take care of new roofs in Gloucester, Tetbury, Cirencester, Stroud and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me with my New Roof?

No matter how big, small, simple or complicated your planned roof change, Refresh will take care of it!

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