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Do you have heaps of home renovation ideas running through your mind? Before you take the step to put these ideas into action, you need to plan them out! Our professional Gold Coast Architectural Renovation Builders have a thorough and streamlined process that can help ensure your renovation will meet your requirements and whether or not it is realistically achievable on your budget.

What do architectural designers do and why do you need one?

Whether you are passionate about interior design, are seeking expert advice, or have a huge renovation project in mind, your Refresh Architectural Renovation Builders will help you plan your project and ensure it can be delivered on-time and on-budget when the moment arrives. If you rush into a renovation without detailed plans, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll end up with desired results or get through it without a vast array of unanticipated hiccups.
Our team of qualified interior designers and architectural builders specialise in residential and commercial architectural design. They have completed thousands of design projects around the globe and firmly believe that every homeowner should have access to high quality aesthetic designs that reflect their individual personality. 
The Refresh Gold Coast team knows how vital it is to develop an open and respectful relationship with you so that they can deliver designs that match both the functionality and aesthetic of your home. While you may have a decent idea of how you want your renovation to look, our design specialists can explain how these ideas can impact your house functionally. They can help you understand the restrictions of your land title, land area, boundary, and zone. With knowledge of the strict requirements when it comes to what you can or cannot do on your site in the Gold Coast, your designer can help you consider height requirements, land coverage, or heritage restrictions.
Specifically, our architectural designers can help you:
- Create a detailed brief that will define the scope of your project and ensure it provides a clear direction for your renovation specialist or builder down the line. 
- Plan your budget to help determine exactly how much money you should allocate to your renovation, taking into account whether you’re remodelling in order to add value to a property you plan to sell, or if you plan to live in this house for the foreseeable future.
- Produce detailed concepts and drawings that will help you visualise and plan your project. For some renovations, a basic line drawing will be enough; for others, a highly detailed and realistic 3D image might be necessary. 
- Ensure working drawings are up to standard as they are often required by your local council to approve renovation projects and provide resource consent. 
- And finally, once you’re ready, point you to a respectable renovation specialist with experience in projects similar to yours.

What type of architectural design services does Refresh Renovations provide in the Gold Coast?

  • Interior design
  • Architectural drawings
  • House plans
  • Advice regarding current trends in the Gold Coast
  • Registered architects
  • Qualified draftsman
  • Bespoke designs and plans

...and anything else you can think of!

What is the architectural design process like when working with the Refresh Gold Coast team?

The first thing your local architectural designer will do is carefully listen to what you have in mind, what problems you are trying to solve, and the goals you are trying to achieve via this renovation. They will ask you the right questions to make sure they are on the same page as  when it comes to what you want and why it is important to you.
Next, the architectural design specialist will take your initial thoughts & ideas and transform them into detailed architectural concepts that will explore the feasibility of your renovation. Not only will they analyse every detail of your project to detect risks and limitations, but also provide you with cost estimates based on averages. This way you can start thinking about how flexible your budget is and separate the nice-to-haves from the must-haves. 
From here, a qualified draftsman will use the concept plans to craft technical working drawings with specifications and calculations specific to your unique project. Your Refresh specialist will then draft a detailed cost analysis taking into account engineering, structural, design, and aesthetic specifications. This is very important to do as you can still make whatever design changes at this stage to bring costs down, instead of spending more during the actual construction phase.
Once you are completely satisfied with your finalised design, your architectural designer would be more than happy to refer your project to a capable renovation specialist who can complete it on-time and within the planned budget. 

Ready to get started?

To discuss the finer details of your project and how one of our Gold Coast  Architectural Renovation Builders can help you, get in touch for a free consultation!