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The optimum layout for any new kitchen will be determined by a range of factors, the most significant of which will be your personal preference, the needs of everyone who will be using it, the budget you have earmarked and, above all, the size and shape of the available space. As a result, the Refresh Renovations Greater London – South can bring their experience to bear in designing and installing the ideal kitchen configuration for your property whether you’re in a cosy Victorian terrace or a large rural detached house.

Why Refresh?

Refresh is designed to make life easy for busy owners. We'll provide you with one point of contact, end-to-end project management and a highly experienced team of tradespeople. All you need to do is tell us your wishlist and we'll take care of every aspect of the design and build.

What kitchen installation services does Refresh provide?

  • Flat-pack/kit-set kitchens installations
  • Cabinetry installations
  • Joinery installations
  • Rangehood installations
  • Sourcing materials
  • Custom designs/builds

...and anything else you can think of!

How do I identify the most efficient layout for my kitchen?

In terms of efficiency of kitchen layout, a common principle is the ‘working triangle’ which focuses on minimising the distance you need to walk between the kitchen’s three key features: the sink, the fridge and the cooker. This is achieved by positioning them on the three points of a triangle, although the triangle may end up being slightly squashed if the appliances and sink need to run side by side on a single wall. Alternatives to the working triangle are to create separate task-based zones for food storage, preparation, cooking and washing up in order to streamline your workflow. Safety might also be a consideration for your layout, as you may wish to keep children away from the cooker and guests out of the way when you’re catering for them, for example. A strategically placed island can help to demarcate the ‘safe’ zones for everyone.

What technology should I include in my new kitchen?

With smart tech evolving at a rapid pace, it’s no surprise to see huge advances in kitchen technology in order to save labour and increase overall efficiency. Competition among white goods manufacturers is intense, with each brand striving to innovate and capture the market for savvy consumers who are excited by smart technology which makes their lives easier and can be controlled remotely. Among recent developments are the humble dishwasher, with Grundig not only improving the all-round wash but also partnering with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service whereby new detergent can be automatically ordered as soon as it starts running low. Samsung’s Dual Flex ovens, meanwhile, can be set to preheat and turn off while you’re on the road, while its HomeCare Wizard feature alerts owners to any potential issues as soon as they arise. Increasingly important for maintaining a pleasant ambience, cooker hoods can be controlled via your smartphone, washing machines can be synced with tumble dryers to set the correct programme for the load you’re running, and intelligent fridge freezers can self-regulate their chilling zones to match your regular habits. Smart ovens are able to cook two separate dishes at different temperatures at the same time, with individual fans avoiding mixed odours. Over time, this innovation can reduce the energy consumed by the appliance by up to 40%.

What storage solutions should I consider for my kitchen?

Gone are the days when kitchen storage simply needed to contend with pots and pans, utensils, glassware, crockery and cutlery. Nowadays a multi-functional kitchen also has to incorporate sufficient storage for everything associated not just with dining and entertaining but also with hobbies, family life, relaxing and even working from home. The optimum is to keep surfaces clear, so consider varying your storage to provide shallow drawers for smaller items and deeper versions for bulkier cooking equipment, for instance. Open shelving can be a flexible option, while strategically placed hooks can help to tidy away cups, towels and aprons, while ceiling racks are ideal for utensils and saucepans. A freestanding trolley, meanwhile, can offer flexibility in storage and location.

Will I need to live elsewhere during my kitchen renovation?

Living at home during a kitchen renovation can have its advantages, not least in terms of saving money and having oversight of the project, but it’s important also to consider the potential pitfalls. However straightforward your renovation may appear on paper, you will inevitably experience an increase in noise and dust, along with the constant to and fro of the trade teams who will often prefer to start early and – where required – work late. These consequences aren’t ideal, especially if you have a young family, but at Refresh we work with our clients to ensure that the disruption to their daily routine is kept to a minimum. Whether it’s sealing areas to try to keep dust and dirt at bay or setting up a basic temporary kitchen space, we’ll do whatever we can to help. Living away will incur additional costs for accommodation and meals, but this does present an opportunity for lie-ins and relaxed family time away from the temptation of power tools.

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