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Many factors combine to ultimately decide the final timeframe on each individual project. Some specialist larger projects will take the best part of a year but renovations ranging from minor to mid scale can be completed in anything from 3 days to 3 months. A Refresh specialist can give you a more accurate projection once they have your project’s specifications to hand.

What Interior Design services do Refresh provide?

The shape and flow of the room is as important as a colour scheme or it’s prominent features. The usability and efficieny of interior spaces in your home and the flow from room to room can greatly improve lifestyle quality when at home. Interior design also captures the essence of your imagination and personality, and brings it to fruition and is not just changing the curtains and adding decorative cushions in the right places. The Refresh design team have expertise and experience to transform a house into a home offering the following services:
- Interior Design
- Home renovations
- Painting & Decorating
- Carpentry
- Listed building restoration
- Architectural renovations
- External home renovations
- Kitchen Design
- Bathroom Design 

 Can Refresh change my floor plan layout?

Refresh definitely has the capability to change a floor plan layout. It is certainly possible in the majority of cases to alter the property layout however it is always recommended to check vital details pre-design. For work to be undertaken on historically significant properties for example, you may need special consent and have to go through a permission application which we can help you with. 

How much does interior Design cost?

If you base an estimation starting at £2000 for a 2-bed flat to be fully painted and decorated you won’t go far wrong. The other end of the scale is in the region of £5000 for a 5 bed house with costs likely to rise if a lot of preparation is needed on each wall. A Refresh professional can provide an overview with more accurate costs for your property if you book a non-obligatory consultation with us. 
The advantage with interior design is that you can control how much you spend and adding or removing elements to manipulate the final cost along the way is both normal and sensible. If you wish to be strict then there are usually well priced or cheaper materials to be sourced with a bit of extra research and potentially sacrificing longevity or durability.
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant

Why choose refresh?

Our end to end project management system ensures we offer an extremely thorough and comprehensive service making life as easy as possible for customers who choose Refresh. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can adapt to fit any requirements be it small renovation or large scale projects whilst maintaining the highest quality and value for money.

What are the current interior design trends in Liverpool?

Trends are certainly leaning towards the more mismatched furnishing and individualist approach to home decor. No longer is beige the norm but more vibrant colours are becoming extremely prominent in the modern home and Liverpool is no different. We are slowly moving on from tradition and embracing the shock factor where personal taste knows no barriers and your imagination can run wild in terms of the tones and features of your home.

What areas in Liverpool does Refresh operate in?

Refresh offers interior design services in many Liverpool locations, including in Runcorn, Widnes, St Helens, and the surrounding areas.

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